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HTExpert Care - Yearly Coverage

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HTExpert Care - Yearly Coverage


for peace of mind all year long

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What’s included:

  • Remote Support (8am-4PM M-F, Excluding Holidays, all request go to

  • Remote Monitoring of network and online devices (This requires a Pakedge Rk1 Router)

  • Beginning of the season site visit to ensure all devices are up to date and working

  • Additional site visit 6 months later to ensure all devices are up to date and running

  • Firmware updates of all devices during beginning of season check and at the additional site visit

  • Weekend Remote Support (8am-4PM S-Sun Excluding Holidays, Site visit would be at $200/hr)

  • Discounted service rate of 10% (Weekdays only)

  • Rack cleaning during Beginning of season visit

  • OVRC App with HTE programmed commands to reset certain aspects of your system without having to contact support (Only if Wattbox Power management is installed)


Items Not Covered 

  • Additional Lutron programming after Job has been completed

  • Additional Savant/Control4 Programming after Job has been completed

  • Addition of new hardware that was not included in the original system design

  • Defective equipment that is no longer under manufacturer warranty

  • Additional network configuration or reconfiguration due to ISP provider or 3rd party Interference/Modification


Please Note:

In order for for HTE to provide outstanding HTExpert Care, clients equipment must meet the HTExpert Care requirements for remote access.

See below:

  • Pakedge RK1 Router

  • Remote power management (Bluebolt or Wattbox)

If you have questions regarding whether or not you have these items you may contact and we can let you know

**The cost to install these products and labor if not already installed will be the responsibility of the customer

***If service plan is not purchased customer Remote support/Weekend support can not be provided