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Bang & Olufsen







Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Struer, a small town in the north western part of Denmark, by two enterprising young engineers, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. They created the business that was to become an international design icon and a global symbol of audio-visual excellence.

Today Bang & Olufsen a/s is world renowned for its distinctive range of quality televisions, music systems and high-performance loudspeakers; products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal in a sensational design language.

Bang & Olufsen Home Entertainment New York City Upper East Side 10021 10028 10044 10065 10075 10128.jpg

Bang & Olufsen Televisions





Bang & Olufsen Televisions






BeoVision Horizon is a modern 4K UHD screen that gives you total flexibility in terms of placement options, a stellar and forceful sound experience, amazing picture quality automatically adjusted to content and light conditions – and integrated access to all your entertainment through the ever evolving Android TV  platform.

BeoVision Horizon is stripped of anything superfluous. It brings you only the essentials – and it’s that uncompromising minimalism that makes it blend in and complement any interior, or stand out in prominence if that is your wish. 

An extensive number of placement options combined with an unobtrusive design profile gives you total control when it comes to your preferences.


Automatic Picture Control

BeoVision Horizon has a small light sensor that measures the lighting conditions in the room - and adjusts the light output of the screen accordingly. Much like the human eye, really. The result is a natural viewing experience that is both clear and easy on your eyes.                 


Different viewing experiences call for different sound stages, and with BeoVision Horizon your sound experience is automatically tailored to what you’re watching. So whether you’re catching the latest news program, playing a console game or immersing yourself in a suspense-filled movie, the sound will match – and complement.

Expand the sound experience with ease

Thanks to the built-in Wireless Power Link technology, you can easily connect your screen wirelessly to other Bang & Olufsen speakers in your home – and with no cables tying you down you are free to move your BeoVision Horizon around. So adding to and expanding the sound experience comes without any hassles.

Sound beauty

Behind the conical and slightly angled speaker lamellas you will find two custom-built 2.5-inch drivers. They are each powered by their own 30 Watts amplifier with enough power and finesse to bring your listening experience on par with the crystal clear imagery on the screen.

The sound is both crisp and clear – and with enough punch to lift your viewing experience to the next level.



BeoVision 11 integrates all your entertainment needs in one package featuring automatically adjusted, razor-sharp images and custom built, fully active three-way speakers. While BeoVision 11's clean lines may at first seduce the eye, it is when you discover the countless innovations inside its sleek exterior, and the careful attention to every detail that you fall in love.

BeoVision 11's audio adapts itself to changes in media. Flick from YouTube to a classic thriller and you'll notice that the sound automatically adjusts itself. Of course, you can also fine-tune your own personalized settings, retaining complete control over the audio experience that is perfect for you.

Vibrations create sound. All our cabinets are fitted with rubber damping to cancel out any unwanted audible or turbulent noise. The 55-inch model comes with two bass ports, angled downwards to ensure that only the purest sounds reach your ears.

Behind the striking speaker cover lies the set of fully active, three-way custom built speakers with a bass unit that generates sensational impact. Custom-made drivers and efficient ICEpower amplifiers also combine for unparalleled acoustic depth and power.

BeoVision 11 delivers razor sharp picture quality with incredible depth. Colors bursting with indelible impact. Open your eyes to a whole new level of expectation. 




BeoVision 14 is a 4K Ultra HD LED TV featuring a world of connectivity options, integrated access to all your exciting apps and boasting a bigger and more immersive sound than most standalone speaker systems.

The oak wood lamellas on the front of BeoVision 14 TV create a warm organic contrast to the cool antireflection glass panel and the sleek aluminium frame that encloses all sounds and visions with clean precision. 


BeoVision 14 includes anti-reflection coated front glass. The coating is added on both sides of the glass in order to give an optimal viewing experience even under challenging conditions like bright daylight. 


The Automatic Picture Control senses the level of incident light and dynamically alters the picture adjustments accordingly, so picture quality is maintained both day and night. 


BeoVision 14 is designed to automatically provide the optimal picture experience in any given situation. But sometimes you may want to take matters into your own hand. Choose a specific picture setting such as Film Mode, when you are looking for that particular color temperature the film director intended you to see. Or pick the Game Mode where the input-to-output delay is reduced to a minimum making sure you get an immersive image response when playing your FAVORITE games. 

Authentic sound

It is under the hood you will find the raw beauty of BeoVision 14: A fully active, three-way speaker set with an impactful bass unit that delivers acoustic power and accuracy like no other television has done before.

Prepare for an experience that will truly engulf you and discover why we say that sound is half the picture.

Custom sound modes

Our pre-set sound modes have been custom tuned to perfectly match the different entertainment genres. Using the Film Mode you will experience a larger sound stage with more bass response, and when you are on the Night Listening Mode the audio is tweaked to avoid disturbing those around you.

Whatever you fancy there is an option for it – or the ability to carefully create your own personal settings. 



The distinctive beauty in the movement of BeoVision Avant is the culmination of 90 years of fearless design and technological innovation.

Precision tuned to Bang & Olufsen's most demanding standards, BeoVision Avant redefines the audio impact a TV can deliver. The 3-channel speaker system harnesses three dedicated tweeters, three midrange units and two powerful bass drivers. The result is a combination of clarity and power that truly embodies Bang & Olufsen's commitment to ultimate sound. 

Experience extreme sports or action footage with crystal sharp, dynamic precision. The Ultra High-Definition screen combines local dimming across more than 8 million pixels, bringing out even the tiniest details of the action.


Bespoke Sound

BeoVision Avant lets you configure multiple speakers to custom tailor the sound, depending on the room and listening position. You can further optimize and refine these individual sound zones using the included microphone. 

Immersive dialogue

The dedicated center speaker sits directly below the screen, enhancing the connection between you and the actors with exceptional clarity of speech. You will hear even the smallest details in the dialogue and nuances in the soundscape – allowing you to become fully immersed in the story. 

Integrated freedom

Hidden inside the minimalist exterior lies a groundbreaking, fully integrated sound system. Whether you are listening to integrated music services such as Spotify or Deezer, or accessing countless internet radio stations, you can now enjoy all your favorite tunes in one place – a liberating solution with iconic Bang & Olufsen acoustic performance.

Perfect Black

Even when the screen is bathed in full daylight, the adaptive contrast algorithm ensures pitch-black shadows so you can enjoy the experience without straining your eyes. 

Crafted Materials

BeoVision Avant dampens disturbing screen reflections by more than 98% by using a high-grade anti-reflection coating on the front and rear surfaces of the flawless, dual-layer reinforced glass. 

Contrasted Imagery

Experience extreme sports or action footage with crystal sharp, dynamic precision. The Ultra High-Definition screen combines local dimming across more than 8 million pixels, bringing out even the tiniest details of the action.



Picture Modes

The Adaptive mode of BeoVision Avant constantly and automatically adjusts the picture, but you can also choose from dedicated settings that allow you to optimise your viewing experience for advanced gaming, watching your favourite film or projecting external media. 

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BeoLab 90 is a powerful digital loudspeaker built for optimum precision in sound, and featuring 18 state-of-the-art loudspeaker drivers placed in carefully defined locations and directions to deliver maximum performance.

BeoLab 90 contains a multitude of technologies. It´s a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics. This highly intelligent loudspeaker provides you with clarity, range, and a sound staging that is second-to-none. BeoLab 90 features an impressive 360-degree design and a variety of settings to give you mind-blowing sound, regardless of its placement, the room, or your listening position.

BeoLab 90 contains a multitude of technologies. It´s a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics. This highly intelligent loudspeaker provides you with clarity, range, and a sound staging that is second-to-none. BeoLab 90 features an impressive 360-degree design and a variety of settings to give you mind-blowing sound, regardless of its placement, the room, or your listening position.

Resonances in your room, and boundary effects from your walls, affect the sound you get from your loudspeakers. BeoLab 90 is fitted with Bang & Olufsen’s new Active Room Compensation technology that makes up for the impact of your room, your furniture, the placement of the loudspeakers, and the location of the listening position. This advanced technology guarantees you get a sensational sound experience, exactly where you want it.

Reflections from your room’s surfaces affect your listening experience by altering both the tonal balance and the precision of the placement of instruments and voices. With Beam Width Control you get the power to ensure that these reflections do not interfere with the experience when you sit in the sweet spot. Invite friends to join you, and you can widen the beam to ensure that everyone shares the same sound. The beam can even be expanded to provide full 360º dispersion, if you are hosting a party. BeoLab 90 delivers the sound where you want it. With loudspeaker drivers placed in various directions, you can use the Beam Direction Control to steer the sound radiation to your favourite listening location. These groundbreaking new Bang & Olufsen technologies will give you an experience you get nowhere else. 

BeoLab 90 has 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers placed in carefully defined locations and directions to deliver maximum performance in frequency, time and space.
The loudspeaker packs a combination of 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers - a compact and highly efficient platform developed by Bang & Olufsen - and four additional class D amplifiers - all customized for BeoLab 90s specific requirements. In total, the amplifiers can deliver up to 8200 watts per loudspeaker.

BeoLab 90 is designed according to the overall idea that form follows function. The loudspeaker driver positions and orientations are defined by the acoustical requirements. The placement of the cooling fins for the electronics was chosen to ensure that the rising heat could have no impact on the sound experience. The design is based on a complex aluminium cabinet totalling more than 65 kg, so the structure is rock solid. In a subtle contrast to the massiveness of the loudspeakers, the outer ‘skin’ is made of acoustically transparent fabric, stretched like sails hovering in front of the driver units. The curved wooden base visually lifts the large structure from the floor, making BeoLab 90 appear to float in your home. 




The crowning glory of BeoLab 20 is the Acoustic Lens. Its 180-degree horizontal dispersion conveys smooth high-frequency sound evenly throughout the room. The Acoustic Lens maximizes the area of optimum sound in front of the speaker, enabling the listener to move around more freely while still experiencing perfect sound. The technology also minimizes the effect of floor and ceiling reflections, reducing unwanted distortion, thereby improving the overall sound experience.  

A graceful expression of refined, powerful sound, seamlessly merging form and function. 

A highly flexible wireless loudspeaker with smooth high frequencies and an ultra-high-intensity bass, that can be placed anywhere in the room and still retain its visual and sonic impact.

From the iconic Acoustic Lens right down to the base of the conically shaped cabinet, BeoLab 20 seamlessly merges form and function. Everything underlines its purpose. The cooling grill’s soft-touch lacquer calmly hints at its role. The pearl-blasted base of the Acoustic Lens gently contrasts the high-gloss aluminium of the lens itself – highlighting the unit’s importance in spreading great sound throughout the room. As a final touch, the cleverly designed base of the cabinet lends a subtle, floating expression to the speaker.


To deliver ultra-high-intensity bass without risking woofer damage when playing at full volume, Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Bass Linearisation constantly monitors and adapts the lows. For maximum placement flexibility, the speaker can be optimized to its immediate surroundings via a manual position switch, activating Bang & Olufsen’s innovative room adaptation technology.



BeoLab 19 is a progressive wireless subwoofer featuring a powerful and dynamic bass, and total flexibility in terms of placement.

The dodecahedron, a so-called Platonic solid, is a geometric form named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. It normally has twelve pentagonal faces but the designer has squeezed, stretched and cut the shape. The result is somehow familiar yet still surprising and new expression.

It’s not just the distinctive design that gives BeoLab 19 impact. Every technical detail is driven by a dedication to capturing the feelings in even the lowest frequencies.


A new wireless speaker platform based on the innovative WiSA technology that takes wireless audio performance to a whole new level with unprecedented, robust sound quality. WiSA operates in the uncongested 5 GHz wireless U-NII frequency spectrums that are unaffected by interference from conventional wireless networks. Combine that with superior 24-bit, uncompressed audio quality – and it will completely redefine your perception of wireless sound. With Immaculate Wireless Sound, all you need is a single power cable and BeoLab 19 will find and connect to any nearby WiSA-compliant TV or A/V receiver, regardless of whether it is Bang & Olufsen or not.



The acoustic lens spreads optimal sound quality evenly through the room in a 180-degree horizontal arc. Beautifully crafted from aluminium, the lens is further accentuated with a subtle green glow when BeoLab 18 is turned on. A stunning touch of engineering with sound performance at its heart. 

Wireless technology has finally met the exacting standards demanded by Bang & Olufsen for a true seamless audio experience. A BeoLab 18 wireless setup requires just a single power cable to each speaker, giving you incredible flexibility and freedom to unleash groundbreaking multi-channel wireless audio throughout your room. 

The sound adaption switch on BeoLab 18 allows you to adjust and optimize the acoustic performance based on the placement of the loudspeakers. So you can place them anywhere and be assured of the best possible experience.

Free Standing BEOLAB 18

Corner BeoLab 18


Wall Mounted BeoLab 18



The sleek wooden lamellas, designed to visualize the music emanating from the speaker, hide a masterpiece of technical engineering.



Twist and turn, sound and design will match and enhance.

BeoLab 17 is a wireless speaker that delivers a harmonious sound and expression, regardless of its placement.

The ability to place BeoLab 17 wherever you want opens up for exciting new ways of living with sound. It fits in or stands out. You decide.


Bring the experience straight to your living room. Get lost in the moment with serious surround sound from BeoLab 14.

A surround sound setup that brings stunning Bang & Olufsen audio to any TV from any other brand.

BeoLab 14 unleashes pure, unforgettable 5.1 Bang & Olufsen surround sound through any existing TV and AV receiver, regardless of what brand you own. It’s instant, unforgettable audio for your home entertainment. Pair BeoLab 14 with any of Bang & Olufsen’s newest TVs with built-in surround sound module to experience the ultimate synergy of Bang & Olufsen audio and video.



Designed by David Lewis, BeoLab 12 was inspired by the mathematical curve of a sine wave. Smooth, tapering edges make each speaker appear incredibly thin when viewed from the side, while the curving profile still provides the necessary space for outstanding acoustic performance. A truly elegant addition to your TV or wall.

Acoustic Lens Technology directs audio in a clear, 180° horizontal arc around the room. By minimizing reflections from the floor or ceiling,Bang & Olufsen’s visionary technology produces the best possible acoustic experience. It extends the range of a speaker’s sweet spot throughout the room with an incredible sense of space and realism.

When wall-mounted, BeoLab 12 boosts bass performance from its rear bass ports by bouncing it off the walls. Not only does this reduce audible distortion, it also helps keep BeoLab 12’s aluminum facade clean and uninterrupted. Mounted on a floor-stand away from the wall, a ”free-position” slider on the back triggers digital bass enhancement.




Designed to be seen and heard, BeoLab 11 is as unconventional as they get. It is the reinvention of the subwoofer.

With its compact, tulip-shaped design, the BeoLab 11 subwoofer combines exceptional bass performance with a characteristic design that complements any interior décor.

The aluminum outer shell partly conceals the black surfaces of the two drivers facing each other on the inside. The intriguing design of BeoLab 11 will make you want to put it out on display, instead of hiding it away. Questioning the ordinary is what our highly-skilled designers do best. And, by creating an elegant, compact subwoofer that produces minimal vibration, our designers were able to create one of the first wall-mountable subwoofers on the market.

Beneath its glossy shell, BeoLab 11 stays true to the Bang & Olufsentradition of providing breath-taking sound quality in loudspeakers. It is able to produce the lowest frequencies with stunning clarity and precision, and by adding this compact subwoofer to your setup, you will get a richer, more complete sound experience.

BeoLab 11 brings a whole new level of detail to your favourite music and movies. Whether it's the thump of the bass drum, the rhythmic beat of the guitar or an intense car chase, you will hear things that you never heard before.




With its elegant, tulip-shaped form, you could be forgiven for thinking that BeoLab 11 is somewhat of a lightweight as far as subwoofers go. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Thanks to its built-in 200W ICEpower amplifier and two 6½-inch drivers, BeoLab 11 delivers deep, enthralling bass that belies its compact design.

As well as being a master class in design, BeoLab 11 is also a showcase of sophisticated advanced technology. Take, for example, the two opposing drivers, which take advantage of the Acoustic Balance Principle – a first for a Bang & Olufsen subwoofer design. This configuration leads to the drivers producing 'in-phase' frequencies, which effectively eliminate almost all unwanted vibrations from the unit.



Forget everything you know. Forget where you are, and focus on where you want to go. BeoLab 5 takes you to another dimension.

BeoLab 5 is a state-of-the-art loudspeaker delivering radical performance and expression.

Form is intricately followed by function. The conical shape allows for an enormous bass driver to be mounted at the base, pointing downwards to boost the performance of the Active Bass Control. The two vertical elliptical discs house the mid-range and treble drives that give you 180 degrees of sound dispersion.

Wherever you chose to place the speaker, the sound will still move you. Flexible and adaptable, the Acoustic Lens Technology will automatically ensure you are always in the right place.

BeoLab 5 listens and learns. The acoustic properties of your room and the placement of the speakers are integral elements of the listening experience. Both are carefully analyzed, and leveraged to give you the ultimate performance.

The absolute power of BeoLab 5 will surprise you. Despite its relatively small size, the speaker holds a massive 2500 Watts, enough to fill whatever room it is placed in with a precisely detailed and well-focused sound stage.

BeoLink Multiroom technology unites your Bang & Olufsenproducts and creates a seamless sound experience throughout your entire home. Visit your local Bang & Olufsen dealer to hear and see the details.



Precision, depth and force meet seamless adaptability for an experience above and beyond.

Compact and flexible loudspeaker that fits seamlessly into any environment and delivers an outstanding sound experience regardless of the properties of the room it is in.

The shape of BeoLab 3 is distinctive, and without any sharp edges. The acoustic lens sits on display on the top of the speaker, almost as a crown, bringing a highly differentiated look to the loudspeaker.


The visual expression of BeoLab 3 changes with its many placement options, allowing you to fit it into any interior with ease, or letting it stand out in its own right.

The acoustic lens delivers the sound horizontally, 180 degrees in front of the lens, resolving the limitations of the ‘sweet spot’ of traditional stereophonic sound. The cymbals placed above and below the lens reduce the sound reflections from ceiling and floor, further improving the perceived sound quality. This means the listening experience is not so dependent on where the listener is seated in relation to the loudspeaker.




Out of sight but by no means out of mind. Integrated in-wall speakers with full-bodied sounds.

Palatial are passive in-wall speakers made for active listening. For room-filling music experiences and invisible home theater set-ups where sounds are heard, not seen.

The sound pattern of Palatial in-wall speakers is exceptionally wide and this gives you exceptional placement flexibility. Coupled with an adjustable and highly accurate sound dispersion, audio can be directed to just about any listening area regardless of the speakers’ position.



Palatial speakers come in two different variants with 2 x 6.5” woofers and 4 x 6.5” woofers for those looking for an extra powerful experience.

Once installed, the only visible part of the Palatial in-wall speakers is the sleek and solid aluminum speaker grille, designed and manufactured at the Bang & Olufsen aluminum factory in Struer, Denmark.

The polished surface subtly reflects its surroundings, making the grille a luxurious but unobtrusive part of the wall.



All music. Zero clutter. Discreet in-ceiling speakers for room-filling sound experiences.

Celestial are passive in-ceiling speakers combining exceptional sound performance with flexibility and simple installation in an unobtrusive design that matches any interior.

Celestial speakers provide a sound dispersion that is second to none. This means better coverage and more flexibility and greater freedom in terms of where the speakers can be placed and still provide a powerful sound experience.

The unparalleled pivoting ability allows for directing the sound towards the preferred listening area regardless of the speaker’s position.

While all the sound power is hidden away in the ceiling, the visible speaker grilles remain true to the Bang & Olufsen design philosophy of understated luxury that complements any home interior.

The circular, premium grilles are made from polished aluminium and white steel, manufactured at our own aluminium factory in Struer, Denmark.

Customize your speaker appearance with a square speaker grille (available as accessory).






Architectural finesse can sometimes be hard to reconcile with lowly practical concerns. In the world of lighting, tiltable recessed downlights exist to bridge this gab, but truly elegant solutions have so far been missing for multi-room audio solutions.

BeoVox 2 brings new versatility to sleek and unobtrusive speaker installations in your home. It can be flush mounted almost anywhere and still deliver great balanced sound and hit the acoustic sweet spot.




BeoVox 2 is available in two versions. Both have 3/4” tweeters for high range reproduction, but BeoVox 2-1 is based on a 3” longthrow midrange/woofer while the larger BeoVox 2-2 uses a 5” woofer for added depth. Crossover networks and other electronics are optimized for in-wall and in-ceiling use. Having no traditional speaker cabinet of its own, BeoVox 2 uses the wall or ceiling cavity where it is mounted as an acoustical chamber. With careful installation, the result is musical reproduction that takes background music to a whole new level. The truly unique feature in BeoVox 2, however, is the elegant tilting function that allows you to direct the sound from individual speakers to your preferred listening location. The resulting freedom of placement also makes it easier to locate the speakers at the correct distance from listeners and achieve a more uniform sound in the room.

A passive speaker (BeoVox range) needs power from another source (i.e. a power amplifier). An active or powered speaker (BeoLab range) has an amplifier built in; therefore, it needs ventilation and a power cable as well as a signal cable. The advantage of an active speaker is that the manufacturer can precisely match the amplifier to the speaker. The power amplifier can be hidden out of the way and used to run a number of BeoVox speakers. Because BeoVox 2 has no built-in power amplifiers, it is perfect for bringing music to less favorable environments for electronics, such as bathroom installations. Just make sure that your speakers are protected from direct water impact, such as shower jets or rainfall. BeoLink Passive is the amplification and control unit for BeoVox 2. It comes with a discreet infrared eye for remote control of the sound with your Beo4 or Beo6. Wireless installation is simple and flexible with BeoLink Wireless 1, and you may not even need to run new cables from room to room.



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Bang & Olufsen Wireless Speakers





Bang & Olufsen Wireless Speakers







Place wherever. Play whatever. Powerful flexibility and portability with no strings attached.

BeoSound 1 is a portable wireless speaker with an impressive 360-degree sound performance, a rock-solid aluminum exterior crafted for mobility, integrated access to Spotify, Deezer QPlay and TuneIn, battery power for a trip outside – and featuring the BeoLink Multiroom Technology that connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home. 

As a true portable speaker BeoSound 1 supports everything from Google Cast to Bluetooth to AirPlay and DLNA. 




All you need. When and where you need it. Sound on your terms.

BeoSound 2 is a powerful wireless speaker system with a room-filling 360-degree sound performance, a sturdy yet unobtrusive aluminum design profile, integrated access to Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn – and featuring the BeoLink Multiroom Technology that connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home. 

BeoSound 2 supports all the preferred wireless technologies: Bluetooth, AirPlay, Google Cast and DLNA. 





Sometimes all you need is a short break, a moment to close your eyes and let your mind drift away. The breath-taking sound experience from BeoSound 35 will take you wherever you want to go.

A high-end wireless speaker and all-in-one multiroom music system with an easy-to-use touch interface and integrated access to music and radio streaming services. Crafted from aluminum and designed to fill the entire room with a well-balanced sound whether placed on a table or a wall.


Everything can be controlled directly from your BeoSound 35 music system. The intuitive touch interface lets you easily take charge of your music source as well as track selection and volume control. Or if you prefer to control things from a distance you can just use a Bang & Olufsen remote or the free BeoMusic App. Thanks to the on-board integration of streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and TuneIn you get one-touch access to millions of songs, playlists and radio stations. BeoSound 35 features Apple AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 streaming, and our BeoLink Multiroom technology that lets you wirelessly unite all Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY multiroom products in one seamless music stream across your home.

The aluminum table stand lets you place BeoSound 35 on a table or shelf, elegantly hovering in the air, almost concealing the stand itself.

The high wall bracket lets you hang BeoSound 35 above a door, or anywhere else above eye level. The music system is tilted slightly downwards, allowing you to see and operate directly from its interface or via our BeoMusic App or BeoRemotes with ease.


BeoSound 35 is one of the most versatile music systems in the Bang & Olufsen portfolio. It was designed to resemble a stroke on the wall, and with its sleek and minimalist appearance it manages to fit into any interior with ease. The pentagonal circumference allows you to cleverly tilt the music system for convenient access. So whether you hang BeoSound 35 high or low, or place it on a table, you will easily be able to see what is on the display and comfortably be able to directly touch and control it.



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