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BlueBOLT™ Remote Power Management technology provides secure, hosted IP (Internet Protocol) system control. With BlueBOLT™,  integrators can remotely monitor and control power to connected equipment by accessing power management components from anywhere in the world. From simple system reboots to comprehensive monitoring of power status, BlueBOLT™ provides the power to control complex A/V systems from their most fundamental level - their power source.


The Value of Blue Bolt Explained


Why Do I Need BlueBolt?

BlueBOLT allows us to remotely monitor and trouble shoot your equipment. This is important for a few reasons:

  1. It is the fastest way for us to correct most electronic issues, reducing your system's down time. 
  2. Since a technician does not have to be on site, it saves you the cost of a service call. 
  3. Electrical abnormalities can wreak havoc on systems.  Using BlueBOLT in conjugation with surge protector/ battery backups protects your electronics and allows us to provide the quality service you expect and deserve. 
  4. Weather has a large impact on electricity.  It is not uncommon for a storm effect the majority of our clients at once. BlueBOLT allows us to efficiently support all of our clients quickly, eliminating long service waits. 

But My System is Not That Big...

At HTE, we recommend BlueBOLT and power protection for EVERY job regardless of size.  In our industry, what sets elite integrators apart from the rest, is the willingness and ability to provide continued to support.  We value all of our clients regardless of project size and always strive to provide superior technical service.  Small systems are negatively impacted by electrical distributions to the same extend as larger systems.  Without BlueBOLT, we cannot extend our HTE service guarantee.


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