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The Coastal Source Bullet Speaker enclosure utilizes the same solid brass as their lighting fixtures. Allowing it to blend seamlessly with the other landscape lighting fixtures around the property.  With a clear cone to dissipate any heat buildup and a fully sealed and waterproof design, this product is made to Defy the Elements™.

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The Coastal Source 3-Way Ellipse Bollard Speaker is the only true full range, single point source speaker. Extreme performance! 10″ diameter, 8″ subwoofer, 6.5″ woofer, 1″ pivoting tweeter. Can be installed above ground or buried up to the grill.  This speaker was designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. 


The Coastal Source 2-Way Ellipse Bollard Speaker and the Coastal Source 2-Way Ellipse Bollard Subwoofer have a sleek design that can be easily hidden within a landscape yet looks great when installed out in the open.

Compared to conventional outdoor speakers it has a larger driver to offer higher performance, higher efficiency, higher fidelity & less compromise. This speakerallows for both above-ground or in-ground installation and was constructed with high grade materials to Defy the Elements™.



Hiding inside TheTurtle’s fiberglass shell is a high performance 10” marine-grade subwoofer, a 500W marine-grade amplifier with built in electronic crossover and an Apple® AirPort Express™. Within seconds, you can stream your favorite music directly to your Coastal Source outdoor audio system from any iOS device, Mac or PC. Play wirelessly from iTunes or iOS apps like Spotify and Pandora all without leaving your chaise lounge or fire pit.


The Coastal Source Rock speaker blends seamlessly into your landscape while taking your outdoor entertainment to a whole new level. Superior materials including hand laid fiberglass enclosures, Coastal Coated™ grills, polypropylene drivers and stainless steel hardware are coupled with our patented Plug+Play cable system to provide many years of relaxation and enjoyment. Rock Speakers are available in 6.5” and 8” sizes.

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