Electronic Privacy Glass

Privacy glass uses an electric current to transform what appears to be frosted glass transparent with the touch of a button. Ideal for conference rooms, entrances, and dressing rooms. 

Switchable Privacy Glass is the ideal choice for sophisticated state-of-the-art Executive Board Rooms and Conference rooms, where openness and privacy can co-exist. With electronic Privacy Glass, a flip of a switch provides discreet vision control on demand.

When in the powered state, switchable glass panels are clear; allowing full view and daylight to pass into the central lobby - with no conference room privacy. When unpowered, the glass fogs up and view is completely obscured; creating privacy for meetings and multi-media presentations, yet still allowing light to pass through.


Motorized Shades

Motorized shades and drapes can be used as traditional window treatments or as dividers providing additional privacy. 



Trufig allows for flush camouflaged mounting of power outlets, data jacks, switches, keypads, HVAC grilles, and touch pads in drywall, wood, or stone.


Powered Lifts

Powered lifts can be used to conceal displays, projectors, and other technology in or above the ceiling, below the floor, in the wall, or stored inside of custom cabinetry.  

projector lift 2.jpg

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