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Watch "Now Playing Films"

Prima Cinema Theatrical Release Home Theater Manhattan Southampton .jpg

PRIMA Cinema provides your theater with the one feature residential cinemas had been denied, the ability to watch films on their theatrical release date. The PRIMA player is constantly updated with the latest blockbusters, trailers, and their release dates.  The moment a film is released in commercial theaters, it’s available in your home theater. With higher than Blu-ray video and digital master theatrical surround sound, it eliminates the one advantage commercial theaters' used to have.  In fact, because PRIMA has contracts with both large and midsized studios, it offers smaller independent films that are difficult to find in commercial settings. 


Source Selection

There aren’t a lot of universal truths in the technology world, but this one stands true: Your A/V equipment is only as good as the source.  Think about it, if you ran a standard definition feed to your HD TV, your television that has the ability to create wonderful high resolution images would be limited to standard definition quality.  The same is true with your home theater.

Imagined you have created your dream home theater and somebody asked if you went with a regular DVD player or Blu-ray.  You’d think it was a joke, you have quality equipment, why would you ever reduce your system like that?  

Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Player Blueray Quality NYC Long Island.jpg

Surprisingly, the same logic isn’t applied to digital libraries.  Devices such as Apple TV and Roku are must haves for streaming Netflix, or catching up on your favorite shows via Hulu, but they’re not intended to be media servers and using them as such is doing your theaters an injustice. A solution such as Kaleidescape Cinema One, which provides Blu-ray quality video, will provide your projector with content necessary to reproduce the types of images one would expect to see from your equipment.