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We begin our process with a free consultation.  During this stage we discuss your options and gauge your preferences.  We often suggest meeting at the site location whenever possible.  While we are there, we'll perform a site survey noting any structures or environmental benefits/limitations that would impact the integration process.  This allows for greater accuracy when submitting proposals since it eliminates on site surprises. 


If you are doing a renovation or new construction project, we'll ask if you'd like to include other industry professionals, such as your architect or interior designer.  We will also request a copy of your floor and electrical plans so we can design accordingly.


System Design

Our system designer will create a proposal based on the site survey and/or floor plans. Our product selection is based on your application, preferences, and budget. 


Proposal & Design Review

Your designer will set up a webinar to fully review the proposal.  Every item specified includes an image and brief description of its functionality. We will answer any questions you many have, explain the differences between similar products, and when necessary, adjust our proposal based on additional information.  We will provide you with a system summary for further review. 


Project Management

Once the proposed system is agreed upon, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager.  Your project manager will be your liaison to the rest of our team.  Additionally he will work with your other industry professionals coordinating the pre-wire, trim, and finish phases to reduce delays and change orders. Your project manager will provide your other industry professionals with any technical details they may need.



Our engineers will create CAD schematics of your system.  The complexity of this document varies greatly depending on application. 



After the installation, your system will be programmed.  Our staff will then test all of your equipment and controls to ensure the program operates as intended.  As with the rest of the integration process, all of your system's programming is documented for future reference. 


Training & Support Documents

At the end of the project we will train you and your family on your new system.  We'll make sure you understand how to use the features of your new equipment and feel comfortable operating it. At the completion of the training we will provide you with a quick reference guide that contains your usernames and passwords for services such as Netflix and Spotify. We also offer 24/7 Technical Support.