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Digital Signage Mediums

Digital Signage is the use of video as opposed to static signage to convey a message from a company, organization, or government.  While LED displays are often associated with digital signage applications, they are not required.

Message can be Conveyed Through:

  • Displays
  • Mirror Televisions
  • Projection

Digital Signage Applications


Digital signage can be used to simply attract attention.  On fast paced, adverting saturated streets of New York City, Barneys flag ship store famously stood out using powerful projectors displaying colorful content in all of the store's windows. Since then large retailers and quaint boutiques alike have been using digital signage to draw eyes and attract customers.


One of the most popular uses for digital signage is advertising.  Displays can be combined to create impressive video walls or stand alone in strategic locations building brand awareness and encouraging sales. Ad space can be used to promote your own brand or sold to manufacturers looking for a presence in your location.

Multiple studies have proven time and time again that depending on the product and/or service digital signage is 30%-60% more effective in boosting sales than traditional signs. 


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Digital Signage simplifies location based communication.  It can be used to inform residents, employees, or clients who frequent an area.

Types of Message Include

  • Scheduled Maintenance Dates & Times
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Upcoming Events
  • Achievements


Entertaining your customers provides a better experience.  Whether you put the game on at a sports bar or a talk show in a doctor's office, providing a source of entertainment has been proven to reduce the perception of wait times.  Additionally, you can use digital signage software to advertise or inform your clientele as they're being entertained.


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Numerous studies in the fields of education and advertising have found that engaging with content makes it more memorable than identical content that is only seen or heard. In addition to having customers physically engage with the screen, you may also want to consider incorporating personal devices into your digital signage marketing.


In our customized world, clients expect individualized solutions.  With the ability to personalize everything from cell phones to luxury cars, the process of selecting individual options can be enhanced through digital signage solutions.

Specialty Applications

digital signage magic mirror.jpg

Specialty applications such as "The Magic Mirror" are a result of specialized displays, digital signage software, an iPad, and hidden video cameras.  In this application the woman in the red coat can see how the jacket would look on her if it were white without trying on a new article of clothing.  While such applications are not typical, they do have a wow factor!


Benefits of Digital Signage

Standard Return on Investment (ROI) according to the Digital Signage Federation

  • 10% increase in product interaction
  • 10% increase of the service sales
  • 40% reduction in perceived wait time
  • 68% call to action at point of sale
  • 70% increase in unaided recall of a product, brand, or message
  • 80% improved experience
  • 83% comprehension increase of complex messages


Advantages of Digital Signage by Vertical

Corporate   -   Dining   -   Financial   -   Entertainment   -   Education   -   Health & Wellness   -   Hospitality   -   Retail 


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