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A digital imaging pioneer and industry leader, Digital Projection International (DPI) manufactures and distributes an extensive and expanding line of ultra high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projection systems.



CoolTek™ Principle 1:  Minimum Wattage In, Maximum Lumens Out.

CoolTek™ Principle 2:  Design thermal management systems to maximize component life while minimizing heat generation, cost of ownership and projector noise levels. 

Cooltek™ Principle 3:  DP Products must be small, light and as quiet as possible, reducing the projectors' impact on their immediate environment.

Projectors configured with ColorMax™ are pre-aligned to a factory reference to assure consistent color performance straight out of the box. For more specific color alignment, the user has the ability to adjust color temperature, as well as the highlights and shadows of individual colors, on both a global and per source level. Given the depth of adjustment handles, ColorMax™ enabled projectors can be quickly benchmarked for color alignment and calibrated for color critical applications.

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Every TITAN model includes up to seven separate inputs, with each being processed using dedicated, best in class technology. This painstaking approach to electronics design is unique to DP, but guarantees the highest quality imagery is rendered from every source.

At the heart of every TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro Series II Display lies the newly developed NextGen Electronics - a high quality re-sizing engine and signal-processing unit that precisely maps every input source to the native resolution of the DMD’s.

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