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  • Electronic Menu Boards: Tailor Specialty Items, Easily Change Items, Time & Weather Based Promotions
  • Private TV Networks: Integrate Your Add With Live TV, Replace Commercials With Your Content
  • Self Service: Up-selling & Order Verification

HTE is proud a proud member of the digital signage federation


Audio Video Solutions

  • Distributed Audio: Play the Same Everywhere or Assign Music to Specific Areas
  • Distributed Video: Broadcast Live TV Without Digital Signage Hardware & Software 
  • Party Room Video: Displays, Projectors, & Streaming Options

Networking & IT Solutions

  • Ethernet and Wireless Networks
  • Offer Secure Guest Wireless at No Extra Cost
  • IT Integration with Other Systems
  • SIP Phones 
  • PBX Setup With Queue, Hours of Operation & Ordering Options
  • Send Online Orders to Kitchen

Energy Solutions

  • Lighting Control: Create Ambiance & Save Money
  • Day Light Sensor: Dim Lights in Response to Ambient Lighting
  • Motorized Shades: Keep Heat & Cold Out, Block Harsh Rays, Allow Privacy 
  • Energy Management: Smart Grid, View Real Time Energy Consumption, Adjust Energy Output

Surveillance & Access

  • IP Cameras & DVRs: HD Video Available, Night Vision, Securely View Feed from  Web and/or Device 
  • Access Control: Remote Access, Locks with Card, Pass Code, and Bio-metric Readers


Concealment Solutions

Products that provide privacy and enhance the room's aesthetics by concealing equipment.

Concealment Solutions Include

  • Electric Privacy Glass
  • Motorized Shades
  • TruFIG
  • Powered Lifts
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