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Electro-Kinetics Inc.

Electro-Kinetics custom designs and manufactures mechanisms that add automation to your environment making your life easier and your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing.

Pocket Door Mechanism with Power Pullout & Swivel

  • Simply push the button on the hand held wireless remote and the doors of the cabinet begin to swing open.
  • As the doors open they also retract into the cabinet storing themselves out of sight.
  • Next, the television pulls out of the cabinet and turns to the ideal viewing position.

Projector Lift

  • Video Projector Lifts are used to conceal Video Projection equipment in an area above the ceiling out of sight and mind when not in use.
  • When the video equipment is turned on, the projector lift lowers the projector into viewing position.
  • When the projector equipment is turned off, the projector lift raises hiding the projector in the ceiling.
electro-kinetics pojector.jpg

Television Mechanisms



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