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See it, feel it, experience it

We are very proud of our showroom because we feel it clearly demonstrates all that is available in the home automation space. We're confident that you will leave with a full understanding of all the latest technology. 


Multi- Room Audio and video

Through the use of a Savant systems AV switching we are able to demonstrate the value of multi-room audio and video. From it's streamlined architecture to it's many conveniences, such as being able to broadcast a single video source to multiple TVs or starting a movie in one room and picking it up in another. 


Motorized shades

See first hand how shades can help reduce energy cost, help protect floors, art and furniture. Our showroom gets a lot of sun so can experience the effects and also see how different color fabrics look when the sun is hitting them. 



We are demonstrating the latest in residential and commercial surveillance. With intelligent analytics we are able to quickly and effectively monitor and type of area while limiting the amount of false alerts. 


See first hand how, through motorization, you can make technology disappear. Only to be seen when in use. 


Lighting Control

Arguably the most important ingredient in a smart home, lighting control must be experienced to be fully understood. We've got everything you would need to see to get a better understanding of why lighting controls are a the new "must-have" item for modern homes. 

CONCEALED Technology

Experience a mirror TV, Samsung Frame TV, invisible (yes, invisible!) speakers, TRUFIG receptacles, small aperature speakers and more. 


luxury 2-Channel Audio

We know, your designer doesn't want to see any speakers right? We'll we'd argue that it's your house and you should have the final say! Why not create a music room when you can relax and sip some wine while experiencing music like you've never heard it before?! Dedicated room not possible? Learn how you can have your cake and eat it too with high performance in-wall speakers that have the same sound quality as bookshelf or floor standing speakers. 

Luxury LED lighting fixtures

Learn about the advantages LED lighting. See first hand how different color temperatures affect room treatments, learn about dimming rates and "fade to black" technology. We can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of a poorly designed LED lighting system. 


Access control

Learn about the latest and greatest in access control options. From simple battery powered door locks to advanced door stations with multiple entry access options such as keypads, key fobs, card readers and biometrics. It's time to finally ditch that set of house keys for good! 

landscape lighting






From kitchens to custom AV cabinets, see how Ciuffo cabinetry can make your vision a reality. 


See how, through advanced video processing, you can view multiple video sources on a single TV. Watch up to 8 different sporting events at the same time, on the same TV! All easily controlled from an iPad!