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Security Survillance Cameras New York Manhattan Hamptons.jpg



Your family's safety is important, customize your home’s emergency response to fit your needs.





Your family's safety is important, customize your home’s emergency response to fit your needs.


Understanding the Difference

Surveillance: At HTE we refer to surveillance as any video feed of your property.  This includes traditional security cameras, door cams, and video baby monitors.

Security: For our purposes, this term is used to describe a dedicated security system that is monitored by yourself and/or a third party.  This can, but does not have to, include surveillance. 

Security Response: We refer to the synergy of you or any of your subsystems, working in unison to increase the safety of your family and property as a security response.  This ranges greatly depending on your preferences but often includes surveillance, key less entry, lighting control, and fire prevention systems.  While it often includes a security system, it doesn't have to. 

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The ability to view your home in real time puts you at ease and assures you, your home is safe.  Using IP cameras you can monitor the feed from anyplace in the world.  This comes in useful when you're on vacation or checking in on a summer home. 

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Video intercoms allow for increased convince.  When visitors arrive you can view the feed to see who is at the door.  Depending on your preference you can choose to view this on a device, have your IP phones automatically display the the video when the the bell is rung, or both. Using keyless entry/remote access locks, you also have the ability to open your door and allow guests to enter.

With night vision you no longer need put on your robe and go outside to check on that noise you heard. Simply access the feed via your computer or mobile device to see previous and real-time footage. 

Indoor cameras and baby monitors are an effective way to keep an eye on your precious little one.  You can entertain with ease knowing your child is sound asleep in their room.  As they grow, you can use these cameras to check in on your young grade school student to make sure their doing their homework or playing nicely with their friends when you're in the other room. 

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These cameras can also be used to check in on four legged children who never grow up.  Monitoring your pet while they are home can explain changes in their behavior or health.  If you have staff in your home while you are away you can check in and make sure everything is proceeding as planned. 

Indoor cameras are a vital monitoring tool if you have a sick or elderly relative.  You can remotely access your cameras giving you the peace of mind that your loved one is not in distress.



Security systems fortify your home, instantly alerting you to breaches.  By popular request, we now offer HAI and Honeywell security solutions. Whether you choose to monitor the alerts yourself or prefer to outsource it for around the clock observation we 'll set up your system and integrate it with your other subsystems for a complete solution. 


Security Response

Using your home automation system, we can integrate any subsystem into your home's security response. Some common features are listed below. 

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Your lighting and shades can be integrated with your security system to trigger specific responses when your alarm is breached.  For example you may choose to have your exterior lights automatically turn on to illuminate the area in hopes of scaring off an intruder.  Some people prefer to have all the lights in their home blink on and off so authorities can quickly identify which house is in distress.

Another option is to have the lights in your home illuminate and the shades raise in case of emergency.  This will allow authorities to see who is in your home and where they are.  Not only does this help identify intruders' whereabouts, but it comes in useful in medical emergencies. 


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