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HTExpert Care - Premier

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HTExpert Care - Premier


Enjoy peace of mind all year long

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HTExpertCare Plan - Premier

What’s Included?

  • Unlimited Remote Support (8AM – 4PM, M-F, Excluding Holidays – See Website)

  • ISP internet speed monitoring (Quarterly Report and as requested) · Quarterly reports showing system health, support tickets, and remote resolutions

  • (2) Site visits per year, scheduled in advance: 3 months and 9 months from acceptance of HTExpertCare agreement                               (See Biannual Site Visit Summary below)

  •  Exact model for model product replacement in the event of hardware failure

  • If a product fails within the manufacturer’s warranty, the customer will be responsible for the associated shipping charges. If the product is out of warranty or no longer available, the customer will be responsible for all related labor, shipping, repair, and/or replacement costs. Exception: Labor associated with failures caused by user error or 3rd Party participation will be billable.

 Bi-Annual Site Visit Summary:

  •  Complete System Test – Audio, Video, Control, Network, Lighting, Shading

  • Inspection/cleaning of rack/equipment location(s)

  • Firmware upgrades on all system hardware (non-Control System). This excludes personal devices and products added by 3rd Party since the original installation. Example: Products such as Xbox, Chromecast, NAS, etc. not initially provided by Home Technology Experts.

  • Firmware version and OS upgrades on control system hardware, if necessary, for system stability.

  • Control system version upgrades requiring additional licensing are considered New Work/Upgrade and are not included under the maintenance agreement. Licenses will be billed at their retail price. Associated labor charges on New Work/Upgrades are also billable.

  • Report of any issues found along with their resolutions. – Follow up visits scheduled if issues cannot be resolved during the biannual visit

  • Recommended system upgrade report (new technologies, features, etc.)

 Items Explicitly Not Covered:

  • Lutron programming (shades/lighting) changes after project completion Client Lutron Program sign-off

  • Savant/Control4 programming (control system) changes after project completion Client Control Program sign- off

  • Additions of new hardware not included in the original system design (New Work/Upgrade).

  •  Network reconfiguration due to ISP change · Service related to 3rd Party Interference/Modification/Client “Assistance”

Please Note:

All AV maintenance clients must meet the HTExpertCare remote access hardware standard before receiving Unlimited Remote Support. All sites must have, at minimum, a Pakedge RK-01 BakPak enabled router ($750), and IP Power managed power distribution ($650). Some control systems may also require a remote PC or Mac for full remote access. The cost of the new product and labor (installation, configuration, etc.) will be the responsibility of the customer.

Your HTExpertCare agreement will automatically renew one year from the date of signature unless cancelled 30 days prior to expiration.