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Motorized Lifts

Media lifts are a great way to electronically conceal displays.  Sometimes they are used on beach front homes when mounting a television would interfere with the breath taking views the home was designed around. Rather than blocking a window or awkwardly forcing a display in an impracticable location, we turn to media lifts which allow us to hide the unit out of sight when it's not in use.

There are a variety of media lifts for both televisions and projectors.  Projectors are usually concealed in the ceiling or on the back wall of a room.  Display lifts are a lot more versatile.  They allow televisions to be stored in the ceiling (opening down), above the ceiling (lowering from the attic), inside of the wall (coming out of a side pocket), below the floor (rising from the basement), beneath the bed (coming out vertically and up horizontally) and rising up from specialty cabinets.

tv lifts.jpg

While media lifts are an ideal solution for locations where mounting is difficult, they are not confined to such an application.  Many in Manhattan use under the bed, in ceiling, or in wall media lifts to save space.  This solution is for anybody who wants video functionality, but doesn't want to see a permanent fixture when it's not being used.  Plus the wow factor is pretty impressive too!


Media Decor

With Media decor, you can cover your television with artwork that rolls up and out of your way when you want to watch your favorite show.

When your not watching television it appears to be a framed piece of art.  With numerous options to choose from, you pick the frame and what piece you'd like to have on display.  There are a number of licensed works available or you can create a customized cover with your own artwork.


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