Mirrored Television

Mirror TVs are a way to add video functionality to a space without the appearance of a display.  When powered off, the television looks like a traditional mirror.  With numerous sizes, mirror styles, and frame options, you can create a look that perfectly matches the rest of your decor.

Mirror television are extremely popular in bathrooms.  Often used in the vanity,  get your morning news as you prepare for the day or catch your favorite show as you complete your nightly regiment.



Mirror Televisions are also used in locations where individuals would like to watch television but feel the the appearance of the screen would negatively impact the feel of an area.  Such examples include grand rooms, formal living rooms, dinning rooms, bedrooms, spas, and home fitness areas.

mirror tv gym.jpg

Waterproof Televisions

Waterproof displays allow you to watch televisions in areas where moisture and humidity were previously fatal to electronics. Now you can install a TV in your shower, place a screen right above your tub, or mount a display in humid areas like your steam room or near your indoor pool.


Outdoor Televisions

With the increase of outdoor kitchens and living rooms, outdoor televisions have grown in popularity.  Wake up and enjoy breakfast on the patio while you watch the news.  Sit out with company enjoying the warm weather while you watch your favorite summer show.  Outdoor Televisions also make it easier to take part in back yard activities while viewing sporting events.  BBQ while you watch the game or enjoy the Olympics.


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