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It’s that time of the year again, your home is decorated and prepared for holiday gatherings. With the new Savant app you can create, capture, and edit a “Holiday Scene” with your smart device in a few minutes.  While Control 4 doesn’t allow for the same level of user customization, the latest upgrade does allow you to adjust and save your lighting preference.

With Savant's new app, simply create or capture a scene for one or multiple rooms in your home.  Choose which services you would like to include in the scene (ie: lights, music, electric fireplace) and save the values.  

When guests arrive, tap the holiday scene that you've created.  The lights will dim, music will play softly in the background, your fireplace will roar, and depending on your design you may even be able to power your season decorations, such as Christmas trees with the app. 

Learn How to Add Scenes in Savant :    (Web)   |   (PDF)

Season scenes.jpg