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In the midst of this historic New York blizzard, we are all sick of snow covered driveways and icy walkways, but what can we do about it?

For those who are fed up with either having to shovel, or having to pay somebody to do it for you, there is a solution: snow melting pathways.  This outdoor heating is very similar to the increasing popular radiant heating found indoors under tile and wood floors. A warming source is installed under the surface to raise the ground’s temperature. There are two basic methods heated liquid (tubes) or electronic cables.  The electronic cable system is typically favored since it is less expensive to install, warm up quicker, and traditional requires less maintenance over time.  However in areas with excessive electric costs or for extremely large areas, heated liquid is installed due to the cost saving over time.

While there are occasions where these systems can be a retrofit solution, they are most commonly installed before the asphalt, concrete, or pavers are laid. Regardless of the technology, both systems perform the same function.  Sensors detect snowfall and heat the ground to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice.  It is important that these systems be sized properly to insure they adequately eliminate accumulation rather than just melting snow which could cause a dangerous ice condition.