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Make Time

Television marathons take time, make sure you have it.  You want to be able to enjoy the series at your own pace without feeling rushed, or being forced to multi task.


Choose a Show You’re Interested In

This may seem like common sense, but if you’re going to dedicate a chunk of your day to a show, make sure it’s something that interests you and not just what’s available. It’s ok to go off of recommendations, but if the show isn’t holding your attention, don’t feel a need to finish it. There are some shows, such as Breaking Bad, that are highly recommended, as long as you don’t start at the beginning.  Take the advice.

Find All the Seasons

Not all the seasons of every show are located in one place. Using the free app Fan TV you can see where each season of the series can be found through the services (cable, Netflix, Hulu) you subscribe to.   There are instances where season 1, 2, 4, and 5 can be streamed, but season 3 has to be ordered via Netflix DVD.  If you have to buy a season via download, order it on DVD beforehand, or borrow a friend’s box set, this is something you want to know in advance. Hitting a road block mid-binge is the worst.

Check Your System

Most of the time binge watching is done via streaming.  If your wireless is unreliable you may want to hardwire the equipment.  If you are moving your streaming device (for example Apple TV or Roku) to a different location, make sure it has a strong connection before you begin. If you are going the Blue-ray/DVD route, verify your player is hooked up to your TV or projector.  If you are watching in a room with surround sound, you’ll want your player to connect to your surround system as well.

Get Comfortable

Make sure you’re comfortable.  Choose a relaxing seat that you can stay in for a few hours without it hurting your back or neck.  Close window treatments to avoid sun glare.  If possible correct anything in the room that will disturb your experience.

Get Snacks

Having snacks on hand may not be the healthiest option, but we associate snacks with video content.  Just like you have chips during the game and popcorn during a movie, snacks have become a staple in binge watching.



Inform Others

Let your friends and family know what you are doing and that you don’t want to be interrupted.  They may want to join you, if not they at least know to leave you be.



Don’t Multi-Task

Easier said than done, but multitasking can cause you to miss subtle clues in a show.  If you’re watching with other people, don’t let conversation distract you.  You want to have fun, but you also want to follow the show.  If you have something you really need to do, stop for the day and come back another time.  There is no rule that every episode needs to be watched at once.

Know When to Stop or Move On

If you need to do something else or you just don’t like what you are watching stop.  Binge watching can become addictive, but you don’t want to stay up all night when you have to be at the top of your game the next day. 

If you can successfully moderate your binge watching and it is something you enjoy, plan what you want to watch next.  Try timing your binge watching with the release of new season that way you are caught up in case you want to watch the show the old fashioned way, one episode at a time.