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There is no denying, there are few places as romantic, as in front of a fire.  In honor of Valentine's Day, we look at the exploding trend of electronic fireplaces and features and how they are working their way out from under the mantel to almost every room in the house.  With increasing popularity automated fireplaces are riviling motorized window treatments for our most requested electronic décor. 


Master Bath

bathroom fire.jpg

Like walk in closets, ensuites are becoming less of a bedroom attachment and more of an oasis. Beautiful baths now feature steam showers, jet tubs, saunas, and televisions, so it’s not hard to believe fireplaces have made their way in. While the fireplace design is chosen to match the aesthetics of the room, they are often featured near the tub to provide warmth and relaxation.

bathroom fire place.jpg

Kitchen/Dining Room

For centuries the kitchen hearth was the heart of the home.  Families would gather around the fire as food was prepared. It’s no wonder this timeless tradition is making a comeback.  While most kitchen fireplaces pull double duty, preparing food (such as decorative pizza ovens) there are some that are strictly for appearance. 

Decorative fireplaces are often placed at torso level when incorporated into the dining room, providing something for diners to look out during the meal.  In modern homes, double sided electric fireplaces that don’t require ventilation are being place between two rooms.

Fire Fueled Art

Gas fireplaces allow for controlled fire to become a piece of art.  Specialty sculptures (which require a gas line and ventilation) are appearing in various locations such as great rooms, hallways, and entertaining areas throughout the home.

indoor fire feature.jpg

Exterior Design

Over the years outdoor kitchens and living rooms have incorporated stunning fireplace and fire pits of all designs.  From traditional mantels to modern glass and crystal creating colored flames, there has been a large variety in fire features.  Now smaller features are being strategically placed to add warmth, light, and flair to exterior design.  They are becoming increasing popular near, and at times even inside of pools.

pool fire.jpg