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Last night at the Luxury Technology Show we saw some really cool products, but the one we are most excited to test out and integrate into our future designs is Beddit.  Beddit is a thin plastic strap placed under the sheet of your mattress that monitors your sleep cycles, breathing, and heart rate.  That information is then sent to your smart phone so you can monitor your sleeping habits. Yes, it’s a nifty product, but why are we so excited about it?

Beddit will detect when you are in a light sleep period just before you wake up.  Once the code becomes open source, which we are told should be in the next few months, the unit will be able to detect when you are waking up, triggering home automation responses.

This will allow for morning convinces such as rising to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, even on those weekend mornings when you relaxed and slept in. You can set your radiant floor heating so you have a warm surface when you get out of bed.  For those with children who are sleepy heads, the shades can rise, motivating them to get up and moving.