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At HTE we have been covering the advancements in 3D audio and the exciting implications it'll have on home theaters and media rooms.  If you haven't experience the effect yet, we suggest you grab a pair of headphones and hear and listen to the Virtual Barber Shop Demo.  The height component and move from a strictly channel based technology, allows audio to tell the story as accurately as video has been able to do.

Until now, Dolby Atmos had been the only player in the game.  We knew it was only a matter of time until DTS released their version of  audio-based objects, but now it is official.  DTS:X, which it it being called, has launched, with hardware being introduced throughout the year.

As of now DTS:X will co-exists with DOLBY Atmos the way DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD did in the past.  It will be up to the studios to select which format they wish to record in.  With that said, many sources suggest that hardware manufacturers are holding their new product lines to later in 2015 in hopes of making their equipment compatible with both.  

At HTE are following these announcements and working closely with our brands in order to provide a smoothest transition possible for our clients.