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CES Recap


CES Recap

CES is always a mixed bag of new technology we can't wait to buy; cool novelty items we like but don't have a need for; and gadgets that leave us wondering why anybody would bother making them. This year we saw a lot of mobile device accessories, entry level home automation products, improvements to 3D printers, and droids everywhere. 

Here are a few products we think are worth keeping an eye out for. 


Television and Video Sources

Both Samsung and LG debuted flexible OLEDs.  With the press of a button these famously curved displays become flat.  The curved profile allows for expanded viewing angles which can now be accessed on command.  When not in use, or if the user doesn't need the additional viewing angles, the flat display is easier to store.


Quantum Dots create a bright and vibrant image capable of exceeding UHD (4K) resolution.  While it creates an impressive image, the technology needs some tweaks before it hits shelves later this year.  The over saturation is hard to ignore.  If they can correct this issue, the new displays are predicted to be less expensive than their OLED counterparts.


TiVo upgraded its Season Pass for OnePass.  Enter a show and One Pass will show you all of the locations (cable, Netflix, Hulu Plus) the content can be found.  This is great for binge watching, especially for new shows with seasons spread across multiple sources.

Gamers can look forward to virtual reality glasses created by Oculus VR (now owned by Facebook) and Razer Cortex: Stream which allows for PC gaming on displays throughout your home that are connected to Android TV.  Using wireless keyboards or controllers, the PC games can be played on large screen TVs displaying crystal clear graphics and ultra-low latency due to proprietary coding.



The Mercedes-Benz F015 is a hydrogen fueled, self driving car that even looks futuristic.  The pod-like front seats rotate 180 degrees so the driver and passenger can comfortably converse with those in back, providing adequate legroom for all.  The large digital touch screen dashboard provides easy to see controls, while a number of sensors and other safety features actively monitor the car's surroundings.  Yes it is a very cool car, will it be the vehicle of the future?  Only time will tell.

BMW's 360 degree collision detection uses sensors to avoid accidents.  They scan the vehicle's surroundings and takes precautionary measures to avoid obstacles.

QNX's ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) showcased their digital rear and side view mirrors. ADAS eliminates blind spots, and provides green lines if there is enough space for a lane change.  We could see this technology on new models later this year.


For Your Phone

There were selfie sticks, selfie droids, and more.  For those who want a physical, not just a digital, memory of the moment, Prynt is a phone case that doubles as a photo printer. Meanwhile the former king of instant images, Polaroid, introduced Cube, which is essentially a smaller, less expensive, GoPro.


Last year we learned what happens when private information gets hacked, highlighting the importance of encryption.  App such as Wikr and Marc Cuban's Cyberdust help secure your messages.