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DTS:X to Rival ATMOS


DTS:X to Rival ATMOS

At HTE we have been covering the advancements in 3D audio and the exciting implications it'll have on home theaters and media rooms.  If you haven't experience the effect yet, we suggest you grab a pair of headphones and hear and listen to the Virtual Barber Shop Demo.  The height component and move from a strictly channel based technology, allows audio to tell the story as accurately as video has been able to do.

Until now, Dolby Atmos had been the only player in the game.  We knew it was only a matter of time until DTS released their version of  audio-based objects, but now it is official.  DTS:X, which it it being called, has launched, with hardware being introduced throughout the year.

As of now DTS:X will co-exists with DOLBY Atmos the way DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD did in the past.  It will be up to the studios to select which format they wish to record in.  With that said, many sources suggest that hardware manufacturers are holding their new product lines to later in 2015 in hopes of making their equipment compatible with both.  

At HTE are following these announcements and working closely with our brands in order to provide a smoothest transition possible for our clients.  


The Ultimate Audiophile Sonos Room Solution


The Ultimate Audiophile Sonos Room Solution

Dynaudio Focus XD - a completely new generation of high-end digital active, wireless loudspeakers.

The Dynaudio Focus XD series is a completely new generation of high-end digital loudspeaker systems, offering both no-compromise sound quality and the optional convenience of wireless audio transmission. Comprised of three models, the compact Focus 200 XD, and the floorstanding Focus 400 XD and Focus 600 XD, the XD loudspeakers are actively powered and can accept high-res digital sources up to 24/192 resolution.

The Focus XD models utilize proprietary Dynaudio drivers that are individually powered by an amplifier rated at 150W that is specifically optimized via DSP for each driver and loudspeaker model. Thus the Focus 200 XD features 300 WPC total output power, the Focus 400 XD features 450 WPC total output power, and the Focus 600 XD features 600 WPC total output power. The amplification is fully digital, and thus remains extremely power-efficient, while also offering a remote-controllable digital volume control.

Each Focus XD model includes a direct, high-resolution compatible (75 ohm coax) digital input and well as an analog RCA input to offer flexibility without sonic compromise: You can play straight from any source connected to the analog or digital inputs, or via the optional Dynaudio wireless Hub, which allows the convenience of wireless playback and making it simple to set up multi-room distributed audio systems. There is no need for loudspeaker cables or external amplifiers, while a far better audio quality will also result. 

The latest True Digital Audio Amplifier technology makes the Focus XD an ideal choice for digital audio systems: Dynaudio's newly developed XD-technology sends out a purely digital signal from the instant you press “play” – whether on a smartphone, computer, streaming player, music server, disc player or any audio source with digital output. A DAC will not be necessary as the amp will amplify and convert a pure digital signal (at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192 kHz sampling rates) to music at the last moment possible - right at the drivers (which are directly connected to the amplifiers). High resolution digital files are transmitted from any digital source considetently and completely without any loss.

The Speaker Position EQ control allows the Focus XD loudspeakers to be optimized via DSP equalization for neutral, wall or corner placement in any room. Input Sensitivity is adjustable for analog sources.

The Focus XD offers hand-built quality and state-of-the-art performance crafted by Dynaudio in-house in Skanderborg, Denmark. Each model features magnetically attached grilles while the floorstanding models feature aluminum outrigger feet with retractable spike assemblies. By innovatively merging design and technology, Dynaudio has created a unique loudspeaker where both sound quality and aesthetics meet in perfect harmony. 

Focus XD-series Specifications

Inputs:                         1 Digital input (75 ohm coax) + 1 Analogue input (RCA)

Integrated amplifier:    

  • 2 x 150W per loudspeaker (Focus 200 XD)
  • 3 x 150W per loudspeaker (Focus 400 XD)
  •  4 x 150W per loudspeaker (Focus 600 XD)

Max resolution:              24 bit / 192 Khz

Wireless sound transfer:  Optional via Dynaudio Xeo Hub (max. resolution: 24/96)

Crossover:                     Digital with DSP

Remote:                        Included Remote with on-speaker display

Further specifications to be published at:

Focus XD Retail Pricing (in USD):

  • Focus 200 XD:            $7,000 per pair
  • Focus 400 XD:            $11,000 per pair
  • Focus 600 XD:            $13,500 per pair

* Article content by Dynaudio via dealer newsletter.


Kaleidescape... Now Downloading


Kaleidescape... Now Downloading

In our world of instant downloads and media streaming, it may come as shock that Kaleidescape has only now introduced video downloading.  After all, Apple TV and Roku have been doing it for years.  Unfortunately those products are unable to produce cinema quality video.  Yes they offer movies in HD, but in a state of the art home theater, there is a noticeable difference between what is available through streaming devices and the Blu-ray quality content offered by Kaleidescape. (Read about the importance of high quality sources)

Now with Kaleidescape Alto, you can instantly download superior quality movies to your media server.  In addition to creating a beautiful image, these download contain additional coding (such as D-Box Motion) that is stored on physical Blu-rays.

To see the difference in video quality for yourself, schedule a demonstration at our Southampton experience center