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With Experience Comes Trust


With Experience Comes Trust

HTE, Home Technology Experts, has been assuring clients they can “trust the experts” for over a decade and they have the numbers to prove it.  The Southampton based technology integrator is the only firm in the area that has been awarded a Platinum Partnership with Savant Systems and a Pinnacle Partnership with Control4. 

While obtaining top tier status with both companies was an accomplishment, it’s not what owner, Alex Karoussous, is focused on.  “Our goal is, and has always been, to design quality systems that function to their highest potential. Both Savant and Control4 are great companies with products that live up to our clients’ expectations,” said Karoussos.  “Our clients have had a positive experiences and we are fortunate that they’ve recommended us to their friends and family, "that’s how we are able to reach our partnership levels” he added. 

When asked about future goals for the upcoming year, service manager, Terry Wahl, said the company was going to continue to increase their service availability.  “Our clients expect the best and we have to deliver. We’ve solidified our 24 hour support, putting technicians on call around the clock, on weekends, and even having a standby tech on holidays.” Wahl went on to explain the value of system maintenance and software updates, stating they will also be rolling out maintenance service packages in February.

HTE’s Director of Design and Engineering was proud to be Savant’s only platinum dealer in the area, but more excited for the new opportunities the control systems have led to.  “Clients know these systems allow them to push the limits as to what is possible and we are getting new and different requests for projects.”  While the company focuses primarily on residential automation, there is a growing demand from clients to incorporate distributed A/V, automation, as well as lighting and climate control in commercial settings.  “We’re currently working on a national roll out for an overseas company opening several locations in the US” advised Director Project Manager, Alfred Faicco.

Home Technology Experts also expanded outdoors with a new division, Hamptons Landscape Lighting. “We have always focused on exterior design: outdoor lighting, outdoor WAPs, gate access, security, even outdoor AV such as weatherproof televisions and landscape speakers,” Karoussos explained.  “Hamptons Landscape Lighting takes it a bit further with true lighting design and significantly more lighting options. It all comes full circle though, because most of the time clients want their landscape lighting integrated with their control system.”

HTE isn’t resting on its laurels.  Between expanding to a larger Manhattan office and implementing a new processes to improve both the client and industry professional experience, there is no telling what 2016 has in store for them. 


All In One Video Device


All In One Video Device

At HTE, we’re in the business of simplifying, it's an essential philosophy governing to all of our designs and processes.  Keeping in line with this philosophy, we are always looking for and testing products that make tasks easier, and that is exactly what TiVo Roamio does. Now with the new TiVo Bolt, you can do it all in 4K!

Early adapters of the company's pioneering technology back in the late ‘90s, may associate the term TiVo with DVR, but the company’s Roamio line is much more than a recorder- it’s the functionality of all your video sources in one.

How It Works

Simply connect the box to your cable and internet and set up your services. TiVo Roamio replaces the following:

  • Cable Box and DVR
  • Sling Box
  • Streaming Devices: Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire


Which Services Do You Need?

  • Cable Service
  • Internet Service
  • TiVo Service
  • Application Subscriptions: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, etc.



  • Eliminates technical issues caused by your cable provider's equipment (which you're currently renting).
  • For those without distributed video, a single box provides the functionality of multiple devices, reducing clutter.
  • Finding content is drastically simplified with OnePass.
  • In many cases, using a TiVo Roamio with TiVo Minis will cost less than equipment rentals andstreaming device purchases. 


Do I Really Need An Outdoor TV?


Do I Really Need An Outdoor TV?

There is no denying that an outdoor television is twice as expensive as a standard (indoor) TV.  We are often asked about installing a standard television located under a covering of some sort (patio, hood, inside of a media lift) as a substitute for an outdoor TV.  So, can it be done? 

Outdoor televisions are designed and tested to do four things typical televisions cannot:

  • Be seen in areas with higher ambient light
  • Withstand the elements
  • Operate properly in extreme temperatures
  • Comply with building codes for external use


Be Seen in Brighter Areas

Let’s be clear, no television is going to give you an amazing picture in direct sunlight.  In fact even manufactures of outdoor TVs suggest avoiding direct sunlight, or adding a hood, to help protect the screen (and of course to see it better).  So could you increase a standard television’s brightness, cover it, and see just as well?  Yes.

covered area.jpg

Withstand the Elements

Most people associate this with water, usually rain and snow.  Yes, rain and snow will ruin standard electronics, as will extreme humidity.  (This is why waterproof televisions are installed in bathrooms and kitchens).  So why can’t we just use a waterproof TV?  Because outdoor televisions are also designed to withstand wind and airborne particles, such as pollen, that can also cause damage. 

So what if you put a standard display someplace that is covered?  You will be able to see it better, it will keep out the water and drastically reduce the amount of wind and pollen the display is exposed to.  Will that work?  Maybe, it depends on how well protected it is.


Operate Properly in Extreme Temperatures

Standard televisions function properly at room temperature.  Think back to the days when flat panels first came out, remember how large and sometimes noisy the fans were?  Remember how hot they got?  There is a reason even the most stylish outdoor TVs are never as sleek as their interior counterparts, they need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which requires larger fans and heaters.

When electronics get too hot, they overheat which quickly destroys the internal components.  In freezing temperatures, the liquid crystals in the screen (like most liquids) expand, which can cause distortion beyond repair or cracking.  Additionally, temperature changes can cause condensation within the unit leading to water damage.  

Now think back to withstanding the elements, the solution was to protect the display.  Often times this involves some sort of enclosure.   Can you properly protect a standard display from the elements and various temperature changes to the same level as an outdoor television? No.

Comply with Building Codes for External Use

Not only will a standard television located outside not be covered by warranty, it won’t be up to building codes. Why does this matter?  When water is introduced to electricians not only can it damage the products, but it has the potential to start a fire. We’re not trying to be over-dramatic, but the possibility that precipitation or condensation could result in flames is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored.  Can an standard television be held to the same standards, thus giving you the same sense of security? No.


Our Answer

We understand why the question is asked, but the answer is no.  We recommend against it.