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Tips and Tech to Help You Keep Your Resolution


Tips and Tech to Help You Keep Your Resolution

Keeping a resolution can be hard, and while we like cool apps, sometimes it takes a little more to make a positive lifestyle change. Here are our tips and tech suggestions (yes, we did include an app or two) to help keep you on track while partaking in the most common resolutions such as eating healthy, working out, and getting organized.  

Let’s get it out of the way now… Calorie Counters, Activity Trackers, and Weight Loss Apps are great teach you already know about that will help you stay on track.


Eating Healthy

  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach
  • Make a list with apps such as Out of Milk to prevent impulse junk food purchases
  • Using an app such as AnyList, allows everybody in the family to share their requests with the person who does the grocery shopping
  • You could skip the store all together and order your groceries online
  •  Preparing food on a Smart Scale that ties into a tracking app keeps you from underestimating the amount you’re consuming daily
  • Use your tablet to look up healthy recipes or cooking videos, so you don’t get bored with your food
  • When eating out use apps like Food Tripping, InBloom, Clean Plates, or HealthyOut to find a restaurant that aligns with your dietary needs


Working Out

  • Your headphones should be like your sneakers: comfortable, reliable, and  fit your workout needs
  • If you don’t like exercising, make it fun by trying a dance class, playing a sport, or using technology such  as Xbox Kinect and an ultra-short throw projector to turn your workout into a game
  • If you are a serious exercise buff, Athos workout apparel uses electromyography (EMG) technology to record muscle and breathing activity to ensure you are preforming movements correctly
  • If you have an indoor pool, marine speakers and waterproof televisions can help make your time more entertaining
  • If a full pool isn’t in your budget, but you’re limited due to joint impact, you might want to look into an endless pool


Getting Organized

  • Pick one of these 100 apps to help with lists and reminders
  • If you get hundreds of emails a day, try an app such as Acompli, to get your inbox under control
  • Try reviewing your emails once a night to keep them from piling up
  • Commit to a cloud and stick with it so there is no question as to where that document is stored
  • If you’re always losing or forgetting items try using Tile or Trackr
  • Use sensors and home automation to take care of smaller tasks such as making sure the lights are off and doors are locked while you focus on more important tasks