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There is an overwhelming notion that projectors belong in theaters and conference rooms.  Since televisions are available in larger sizes at lower price points, it is easy to understand why projectors are often overlooked, but don’t count them out just yet. At Home Technology Experts, we like to consider all of our options and then choose the best solution for the project.  Now and then projectors do trump televisions. When should a projector be considered?


Yes, the ability to manufacture enormous televisions does exist.  If you’re in the market for a 370-inch display for $1.7 million, give us a call, HTE would love to sell it to you!  If not, consider a projector.

Projectors allow the characters you’re watching to literally become larger than life. Especially when watching in HD or UHD, small details that often cannot be seen on televisions due to their limited size become noticeable on a larger surface.

We often have clients who want to make a BIG statement with their video.  While we typically use projector screens, a blank wall can be used as the projection surface. We once used a large retaining wall to create a beautiful outdoor theater.


When comparing a television and projector of the same quality, the television will always have the brighter image.  Even though televisions are bright, ambient light, especially sunshine, can cause the image to look faded or dull.  This problem is even more noticeable with projectors.  However, many homes have shades or curtains which solve the issue.

If you’re not competing with ambient light, projectors can look just as good as some displays. At Home Technology Experts, we have found that clients prefer projectors in areas such as basements, recreation rooms, and man-caves. These rooms are typically found on the lower level where there is less light and are designed for socialization where a larger screen comes in handy.


Shadows occur when an object comes between the projector and the screen.  The best solution, use an ultra-short throw projector.  Sony’s 4K HDR Home Theater Projector is installed less than a foot from the wall and can create a 100-120 inch image.  Not only does it eliminate shadows, but it also creates a beautiful high contrast image with TRILIMINOS™ Color. 

While rarely used for residential use, rear projection is always an option.  This design sets the projector behind a translucent screen.  A very popular option in corporate settings or on stages since it allows for presenters to stand in front of the screen without creating shadows.

A properly designed system also makes a huge difference.  At Home Technology Experts, we have taken over jobs where high-end homes have projectors sitting on half walls, or in cabinets instead of being mounted to the ceiling.  Standard projectors must be set back a distance to fill the screen. The lower the projector, the greater chance of shadows. There are applications when a properly mounted projector reduces the occurrence of shadows so much that it is no longer an issue.


It’s true back in the early days of single-chip DLP projectors you could “see the rainbow” but times have changed. Let’s be clear if you want the sharpest most dynamic image on the market, a projector isn’t for you, but HTE does have an array of OLED and QLED displays for you to pick from.  However, if you are just looking for a crisp vibrant image that looks great, you might want to think about a projector.

As big screen TVs began dropping in price, the projector world took notice and stepped up their game.  An off-brand LCD or LED projector isn’t going to give you a great image.  But a quality DLP or laser projector will produce brilliant video.

If you are buying a High Definition (4k) or Ultra High Def (8k) projector, it is going to produce a stunning image. The video will look sharp with vibrant colors.


When LCD TVs first hit the market, sports fans hated them!  The displays had a low refresh rate so even when you put them in “Sports Mode,” when images went speeding across the screen they would get blurry or leave artifacts. The same was true with projectors at the time; you would walk into a sports bar, see a wall with huge video of your favorite game, only for it to get blurry when the action got good.

Just like the refresh rates increased in LCD TVs as they evolved, eliminating the issue, the same happened with projectors.


Any source (cable box, TiVo, Kaleidescape, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) you can connect to a television can also be connected to a projector.  Now and then our system designers are asked if there is such thing as a smart projector, the answer is yes, but why would you need one?  Since we can connect any video source to the projector, your TiVo, streaming device or even your computer gives you all the capability of a smart projector.  

If you have a Savant system, you can even add Savant Tiling.  With multiple sources on a single screen, the extra real-estate gained by using a projector is greatly noticed.  

Kick off the Season Right


Kick off the Season Right

The pros have made their cuts, you've selected your fantasy team, and the starters are finally on the field.  Football season has officially begun.  Here are apps, services, and products to help you enjoy the games. 

The Ultimate Viewing Party

You love your football, and we respect that. With Savant Smart View Video Tiling, you can watch like a pro anywhere in your home. Available in 4, 6, and 9 source inputs, you decide how you want to view the games. Using Apple TV or Chromecast, you can easily keep track how your fantasy team is doing compared to the rest of your league.

The tiled feed can also be sent through your video matrix to play on multiple screens in your home. That way you and your friends can enjoy the game relaxing in your home theater, having lunch out by the grill, or at the bar in your man-cave.

Game on the Go

We’ve all been there, your team is about to play their biggest rival and your expected to be someplace else, doing something else, missing the game of the season. In our constantly connected, multi-tasking world, there’s no reason you can’t root for your team regardless of where you are.

With WatchESPN, you can stream Monday Night Football to your computer or tablet, all you need is your cable login and password. Unfortunately, this app won’t help you on Sundays or Thursdays.

The Mannings notoriously rapped about it, twice, but here’s what you need to know about the NFL Sunday Ticket. It has three packages ranging from $199.99- $329.99. Although it’s hosted by DIRECTV, you can purchase the package without switching to their service. The packages allow streaming to computers, phones, and tablets. The higher packages include extra features such as console streaming, Red Zone, and the Fantasy Zone. NYC residents are eligible for the service, but Hamptons addresses are denied.

If you have Verizon Wireless NFL Mobile is available on your phones and tablets. Unfortunately this beloved app has taken a hard hit when it changed its permissions, making it more difficult to log in, and raised its price ($40) for audio.

Network Streaming- Open a browser and you can stream NBC’s Sunday games. This site also allows you to pick different camera angles, which is nice a feature. CBS plans on streaming the AFC playoffs.