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Watching “television” has drastically changed over the past twenty years.  We have DVRs, video on the go, a plethora of streaming services, and series exclusive to those streaming services.  Now TiVo, the original innovator in television viewing, has packaged all of those features together and added a few new ones, allowing you to watch what you want, when you want, how you want.


Skip Mode

The feature that was on everybody’s wish list is a reality.  TiVo users can jump over entire commercial breaks by simply pressing the D button or channel up.  While this option is only available on previously recorded programming (you can’t use it while watching live TV) and on new shows, it is a convenient option you’ll quickly get accustomed to.

Quick Mode

Typically you watch television when you have the time to sit and relax, but that isn’t always the case. That is where Quick Mode comes in handy. It allows you to watch your show or sporting event 1.3 times faster with auto pitch correct to avoid the chipmunk voices.

While Quick Mode can be used on any prerecorded program, it is most popularly used for news programs and sporting events. To access this feature select a recording and hit play. A notification will appear giving you the option to hit select for Quick Mode, and you simply hit select.  To turn Quick Mode off, pause the recording.  Hit play and you will get a notification telling you Quick Mode is on, simply hit select again to turn it off.

Other Features

The TiVo unit and accompanying service also includes DVR, streaming services, a unified search option, in home live program streaming to Apple devices, as well as the ability to download prerecorded programs to watch on the go.

Not only will getting a TiVo allow you to take advantage of exclusive viewing features, but since your cable box/ DVRs and streaming devices are now combined, it eliminates the need for additional devices.  In fact each TiVo mini (six of these can be added to a TiVo Bolt) can be purchased for the cost of an Apple TV.  However, they are more functional than an Apple TV since in addition to streaming they offer the same functions as a cable DVR.