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Leon Gives SONOS and Other Electronics a Makeover


Leon Gives SONOS and Other Electronics a Makeover

Leon’s Media Décor collection is giving SONOS, televisions, and sound bars a whole new look.

Tone Case

Leon’s all new ToneCase™ line brings their renowned sense of customization and style to any Sonos® speaker, including PLAY:1®, PLAY:3®, PLAY:5® and PLAYBAR®. Each product is designed to complement and conceal the speakers within the design of any space, whether adding a custom-width grill covering to match the PLAYBAR to a TV, or enhancing the PLAY:5 with solid hardwood cabinets. Now you can personalize your design as easily as you can customize your playlists.

Built specifically for the SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5, the Tonecase hardwood cabinets are handcrafted from solid White Oak, Black Walnut or custom painted to match any color.

With Screen

Without Screen

Other Media Decor Products

Edge Media Frame

Inspired by the integrated media furnishings of the 60s, the Edge Media Frame is designed and crafted to encase any TV. Handcrafted to house the display and one of our Horizon Series soundbars, the Edge conceals the mounting and wiring in one simple design to complement any environment.

The Edge Media Frame can be crafted out of solid hardwoods, including Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut. The frame magnetically attaches to the mounting panel for easy access to the back panel of the TV.

Edge was purposefully design to work with all of Leon’s Horizon Series soundbars to deliver the highest quality in audio performance and aesthetics.


Moving Art Screens

Featuring Lutron QS quiet motors and a patented scrolling motion, Leon’s Moving Art Screens elegantly conceal TVs and speakers up to 100″ wide behind beautifully printed artwork.

Each system is custom-crafted to order using artwork and frames. With three different models, and recess and surface-mounting configurations, the Moving Art Screens seamlessly integrate audio and video into any space.

Each back box is custom made for your specific installation. They are designed to easily recess mount Elite and Illusion Moving Art Screens. The motorized structure slides into the assembly and fastens directly to it, for a secure and perfect installation. The back box can be shipped before the art unit for installation during construction or dry walling.

Whether you’re looking for more contemporary artwork or more traditional artwork, the in depth galleries have plenty of options to choose from. Or, you can request a in-house design consultant to help you realize your artistic vision.

Moving Art Lifts

These silent, ultra precise electronic lifts use original art, sculptures, mirrors, or decorative panels to conceal TVs up to 70” wide. Custom-crafted to order, you choose the movement option that best suits your space: Eclipse Vertical for up-down, Eclipse Horizontal for left-right, or Dual Eclipse to ‘split’ art down the center – all with no visible tracks.

The Lutron Electronic Drive Unit provides a quiet, smooth, gliding motion to move any piece of artwork or mirror to reveal your TV and speakers. Each system is custom crafted based on the dimensions of your display and includes a back box for a perfect recessed installation.