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Tech Update: What's New Under 2


Tech Update: What's New Under 2


  • Tivo is adding Vudu
  • Roku added GooglePlay and ABC News
  • New Apple TV in June (More)
    • HBOGo service without cable
    • NBC may not be on board (More)


  • Amazon introduces add free streaming service free for Prime Members (More)
  • DTS:X to rival Dolby Atmos (More)
  • Apple acquires Camel Audio (More)

Cloud Services

  • OneDrive adds music storage (More)
  • Amazon gives Prime Members unlimited space for mobile upload photos (More)

Gaming Systems


  • Amazon allowed to test drones outside (More)
  • Twitter floats "daily" idea (More)
  • Box cracks iOS pin with brute force without trigger 10 attempt fail safe (More)