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For years we have been explaining the difference between the high-end media player, Kaleidescape, and more basic options such as Apple TV and Roku.  While Kaleidescape is the only one that can download and play full 4K  UHD content from major studios or integrate with other theater equipment such as D-Box, it struggled to compete with similar products at lower price points.  A month ago, the company publicly announced that it would be going out of business, not knowing the announcement would bring them a new strategy and financing.

Friday, CEO Chenna Srivivasan, announced that Kaleidescape would remain open.  The company is going to continue catering to high-end clients at a lower price point while adding premium options.  An entry Kaleidescape currently costs $3,200, but  Srivivasan hinted that might change, "I believe the luxury  market can drop down to less than $1,000 and still be the Bentley."

The most exciting part of the announcement is the fact Kaleidescape is working on partnerships with the Big Six (the six studios that are responsible for 90% of blockbusters) to provide its users with early access to new releases.  It is unclear when these partnerships will be finalized, how soon the movies will be available via Kaleidescape before their On Demand debut, or how much these early releases will cost.

Currently, our only other manufacturer that provides such a service is PRIMA Cinema.  The $35,000 server allows movies to be viewed in home theaters on their theatrical release date. However, each title requires a fingerprint confirmation of the $500 viewing.  



Both Apple TV and Roku on their 4th generation, so how do these new devices compare to their predecessor and each other?  Let’s take a look.

The long awaited Apple TV is finally here and as promised it does have an app store. Now that your downloads are no longer limited to media, the new Apple TV offers additional storage.  You can choose between 32 or 64 GB. However this does cause the 4th generation to be slightly thicker by 12 millimeters, a little less than half an inch.

One of the biggest changes between the generations is the remote.  The new remote ditches the circular hard button controls for a directional touchpad.   It keeps the menu and play/pause buttons and adds a home button, volume up and down feature, as well as a hard button to access Siri.  Unlike its predecessors, if you lose this remote, you can use an app on your phone to replace it.

Other updates include the addition of Apple Music, Bluetooth 4.0, and an upgrade from a single –core A5 chip to a duel-core A8 chip.  For those of you who have an Apple TV as a staple in your home theater, the audio capability has increased from 5.1 surround sound to 7.1 surround sound.

The Roku already featured voice control, an accompanying app, additional hard buttons, and the ability to play games.  The 4th generation Roku features a quad-core processor, duel-band wireless, and 4K video, which Apple TV does not have.  Voice search is now available on the Roku app and a remote finder has been added.

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