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Protecting Electronics Against Power Abnormalities


Protecting Electronics Against Power Abnormalities

There are two main causes of service calls in the Hamptons: 


1. Power Fluctuations

Power in the Hamptons, particularly in the summer time, is very unstable. Frequent dips and spikes in electricity wreak havoc on network devices such as routers, switches, home automation controllers and WiFi access points. While many people have generators, they are NOT a solution due to the delay between the loss of power and when the generator kicks on. 


A UPS with BlueBolt keeps the power at a constant voltage and emails our support team if power is not restored prior to battery failure.

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2. Cablevision Equipment Malfunctions

Cablevision cable boxes and modems require frequent reboots. This is how we correct common cable issues such as freezing, pixelation, and loss of audio. Modems reboots are needed when the hardware locks up and loses its connection to the WAN(s), essentially taking down your Wi-Fi.


A UPS with BlueBolt can detect a loss of WAN connection and automatically reboot the modem. If a Cablevision cable box fails, our support team can log in and reboot the box without an onsite service call.   


Benefits of BlueBolt

  1. Reduces System Down Time
  2. Eliminates On-site Service Call Fees
  3. Provides a Solution for Weaknesses In Cable Company Equipment
  4. Provides Constant Power to Equipment During Brownouts
  5. Eliminates Wait Time After Storms

Click to learn more about how BlueBolt works.

We want you to be able to enjoy your summer home to the fullest. With a minor investment in a BlueBolt enabled UPS systems, small issues won't become huge inconveniences.  

Sit back, relax and Trust the Experts!