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Tech Update: What's New Under 2


Tech Update: What's New Under 2


  • Tivo is adding Vudu
  • Roku added GooglePlay and ABC News
  • New Apple TV in June (More)
    • HBOGo service without cable
    • NBC may not be on board (More)


  • Amazon introduces add free streaming service free for Prime Members (More)
  • DTS:X to rival Dolby Atmos (More)
  • Apple acquires Camel Audio (More)

Cloud Services

  • OneDrive adds music storage (More)
  • Amazon gives Prime Members unlimited space for mobile upload photos (More)

Gaming Systems


  • Amazon allowed to test drones outside (More)
  • Twitter floats "daily" idea (More)
  • Box cracks iOS pin with brute force without trigger 10 attempt fail safe (More)


Touch Downs, Time Outs, and Tech Tips


Touch Downs, Time Outs, and Tech Tips

Whether you’re hosting a blow out in your living room, a small gathering in your home theater, these tips will help you make the most of the experience. 

Surround Yourself with Sound

Many media rooms are equipped with surround sound.  While your initial reaction maybe to reserve that feature for movies, consider it for the game.  Things get exciting during the Super Bowl; people are yelling, friends are chatting, and it’s easy for ambient noise to drown out penalty explanations or commercials. By using your surround sound system, everybody can hear what's being said and the guests closets to the screen won’t be blasted by sound (unless you want them to be). 

surround sound.jpg

Now Trending

If you are in a room with multiple displays and only one channel to watch, you may want to dedicate a screen to following social media.  All it takes is one good play, funny commercial, or on field hissy-fit for the internet to explode.  Monitoring what’s trending allows you view the hysterical comments, memes, and parodies being posted in real time.

If you are hosting a party, you can also view pictures guests are posting.  This comes in especially useful at parties with a Super Bowl Selfie Photo Booth.  Remember the better the props the better the pictures.

Rate the Ads

Let’s be honest we all do it.  We sit there with our friends and rate the commercials.  Granted we may not give them a score from 1-10 but the “ohhs”, “ehhs” and uncontrollable laughter subtly rate our favorites. This year take it a step further! Why let the ad executives have the last word on which spot was the best?  Go to and sign up.  During the game log in from any device and score the commercials as you watch them. 

ad meter.jpg