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For those who want to see the latest blockbusters but don’t enjoy going to the movies, PRIMA Cinema is the solution.  This award winning one of a kind media server allows you and 24 of your closest friends to watch a movie the same time it’s release in theaters. PRIMA has contracts with all the major studios and many smaller studios whose films aren’t in most chain movie theaters. 


PRIMA Cinema delivers films in better than Blu-ray quality and digital master theatrical surround sound, truly bringing home the missing piece to contemporary home theaters.

With PRIMA Cinema’s proprietary system, encrypted films are continuously and securely delivered over the Internet and stored locally, allowing for instant playback and no streaming or buffering during your viewing.

PRIMA Cinema Movie Player


Twice the sharpness of Blu-ray
1080p24 FullHD for 2D and 3D content
10-bit format delivers over 1 billion color capability
Aspect ratios identical to theatrical master
Up to 50 full-length films stored locally for playback


Uncompressed PCM format
Digital master theatrical surround sound


RAID-5 disk storage
System self check and monitoring 24/7
Filtered air intake, redundant blowers for quiet cooling


HDMI 1: Primary audio and video output
HDMI 2: Audio output only for amplification
RJ-45 Ethernet
USB service ports


Two redundant universal power supplies on separate circuits 


Steel frame, 3U, 19" rack mount player

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Sensor

Finger-swipe with liveness detection 


RJ-45 Power over Ethernet


Die-cast aluminum with sliding sensor access door


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