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Ruckus Wireless manufactures and markets Smart Wi-Fi products directly to broadband services providers and Smart WLAN systems indirectly to enterprise customers. Named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Ruckus Wireless is credited with developing the first Smart Wi-Fi products and technology that extend the range of Wi-Fi signals and automatically adapt to environmental changes. 

Top 3 Benefits of Ruckus 

  • Provides Strong, Continuous Wi-Fi Signal

  • Blocks Neighboring Network's Interference 

  • Increased Security


Strong, Continuous Wi-Fi Signal

By using Ruckus we can ensure you have a strong wireless signal throughout your home.  With other systems we can design the Wi-Fi signals to overlap, but devices won’t disconnect from the weaker access point (and connect to the stronger one) until you’re out of the weakest WAN’s reach.  This makes our overlapping design useless, meaning that areas of your home will have a weaker Wi-Fi signal than you’d like.  Ruckus allows us to design a system that will automatically connect your device to the strongest access point, ensuring you have the best wireless signal available.



Blocks Neighboring Network Interference

When multiple Wi-Fi networks are on the same channel are in close proximity, they interfere with each other.  This can be especially challenging for Manhattan apartments with so many people and home networks in such a close area. Ruckus adjusts to surrounding networks, providing an undisturbed signal.

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Enhanced Security

Since Ruckus is a commercial grade solution, it has commercial grade security.  One of the most convenient security features if the guest network option.  This allows you to offer internet access to your visitors without granting them access to your personal network where sensitive information is stored.


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