Below is a sample outline for a "smart home" system. Feel free to use it to get ideas for your system. If you have any questions about this outline, or if you need help coming up with an outline for your home, feel free to contact us.

Front Door/Gate

  • Door bell with integrated camera

    • door bell should ring house phone and cell phones when not at home

    • image of front door/gate camera should appear on TVs and iPads when door bell rings

Living Room

Powder Room

Media Room

  • 75” 4K TV (TV prices separate) - DAYTIME VIEWING

  • Flat mount

  • Recessed 130" motorized projection screen - NIGHT TIME/MOVIE VIEWING

  • Motorized projector lift

  • 4k projector

  • 7.2 surround sound (all in-wall or in-ceiling)

  • Universal remote

  • Motorized shades

    • During the day, shades should automatically come down when projector is turned on

  • video sources: AppleTV, cable, Kaleidescape, Roku (from video distribution system)

  • equipment centrally located


  • (2) in-ceiling architectural speakers (no bezel to match bezel less light fixtures)

  • (1) in-wall iPad dock

  • (1) TV on counter top

    • Sound for TV to come from TV speakers

  • video sources: AppleTV, cable, Kaleidescape, Roku (from video distribution system)


  • video wall (3 displays)

    • 75" (x1)

    • 55" (x2)

  • audiophile, 2 channel setup w/ floor standing speakers

  • universal remote

  • (1) table top iPad dock

  • local turntable (accessible through whole house audio system as well)

  • video sources: Apple TV, cable, Kaleidescape, Roku (from central rack)

Master Bed

  • (1) motorized TV lift at foot of bed

  • (1) 46” TV

    • Sound for TV to come from ceiling speakers (not TV speakers)

  • universal remote

  • (4) in-ceiling speakers

  • (1) table top iPad dock

  • video sources: local cable box only (located in master closet)

Master Bath

Guest Bed(s)

  • pre-wire for future TV (option for components in closet or main rack)

  • pre-wire for (2) in-ceiling speakers

  • wire and install (1) phone and (1) data jack beside bed

Pool House

  • (1) outdoor Seura Storm TV on motorized lift (to lift out of outdoor cabinet)

  • (4) recessed outdoor speakers (audio from TV should come from speakers, as well as house audio)

    • Option for Sonance Landscape speaker package



  • (8) external dome cameras(low light capable)

    • Pool, driveway, garage, front door, side yard, back yard, etc..

  • (4) indoor covert cameras

    • Playroom, safe, baby room etc..

  • recording capability (1 week backup)


Lighting Control (2 Options)

  1. Whole house HomeWorks QS

  2. Whole house RadioRa2

    • Multi-button keypad locations: front door, back door, kitchen, living, master bed

Motorized Shades

  • Master Bed – blackout/sheer (dual motors)

  • Master Bath – privacy (single motor)

  • Guest Rooms – blackout only

  • Bathrooms – privacy

  • Media Room – motorized drapes

House wide Audio Sources

  • iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, xm/Sirius, Airplay, HighDef audio source

House wide Video Sources


  • Full house Wi-Fi (indoor and out)

  • Controller and Access Point type solution (ex. Ruckus)


  • system will be fully accessible remotely


  • All equipment should be centrally locate, except where noted

Custom Programming

  • “Away” button at front and back door

    • Turns off all electronics, and lights, closes all shades, set T-stats to away mode, turns off pool heater

  • “Goodnight” button in master bed

    • Turns off master suite

  • “Emergency” button master bed

    • Turns on all lights, brings up security cams on master TV