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sensors allow intuitive response

By incorporating sensors into your solution, your home automation system can intuitively respond to your actions and external environment.  Sensors are used to trigger programmed responses, automatically creating convenience as opposed to you having to select your desired option.  When properly integrated with a home automation system, a single sensor can trigger several desired responses from various systems at once.

Lutron Sensor Ambient Light Occupancy Vacancy New York

Daylight,  Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

The two most common sensors are daylight light and occupancy sensors, which some manufactures combine.  These sensors are often used for lighting and shading applications, but can be integrated into any solution activated by light or movement.

Common applications:

  • Adjust the output of electrical lighting in response to the room's ambient light
  • Adjust shades in response to the room's ambient light
  • Turn interior or landscape  lighting on/off based on natural lighting conditions*
  • Turn lights on/off when somebody enters or exits a room or hallway
  • Activate scenes (lighting, shading, & A/V, etc.) when a person enters/exits a location

*Note: Night time lighting can also be controlled through programming based on the time.

Lutron Occupancy vacancy Sensor Intuitive Lighting Manhattan Southampton NJ

Door & Gate Sensors

Your home and property can react to your presence, essentially "welcoming" you.  These sensor are also essential for a complete home security option.

Common applications:

Gate Door Sensors Automation NYC Hamptons NJ CT

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