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Hyrda allows you to put a vibrant display in locations where video used to be off limits.  This technology is great for those wet and humid areas.  Put Hydra in your shower to watch the news as you get ready or above your kitchen sink to cook along with your favorite celebrity chef.  


Completely waterpoof.
Hydra loves a bubble bath as much as you do.

Rated IP-65 waterproof, Hydra is designed for wet environments such as the shower, bathtub, and kitchen. Designed to completely seal out water, the screen is comprised of high-end tempered glass with low iron content for a true color-correct viewing experience. The powder-coated stainless steel housing has been engineered with drip management in mind – with complete protection for electronic components. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat. Hydra’s own screen acts as a defogger, so nothing will cloud your vision. After all, what’s a great bubble bath without your favorite soap?




Your new favorite appliance.
Your fridge may get jealous.

Get assistance from TV’s hottest gourmet chef as you cook. Keep a digital library of your recipes to reference any time. Watch the evening news while cleaning up after dinner. Get the kids to eat their cereal with their favorite cartoons. Catch up on weather and headlines as you pack lunch. Don’t miss a moment of the big game during your tailgate party. The reasons are endless – Hydra is the perfect solution for the kitchen.



Mess-proof. Kid-proof. Stress-proof.

Perfect for kitchen environments where family time often means a mess, Hydra can handle anything. Completely waterproof and totally smooth, Hydra’s glass face is easy to clean. Spaghetti sauce, cookie dough, pancake batter – cleaning is simple with no grooves or channels for grime to collect. Even the waterproof remote can be easily washed. Protected by tempered glass and fully recessed into the wall, Hydra’s electronics aren’t vulnerable to stray toys or roughhousing that would mean the end of a traditional television. Rest easy knowing Hydra will survive your hectic lifestyle.



In-wall configuration. In-style solution.

Hydra’s in-wall design installs flush with the wall for a smooth, well-integrated appearance. The non-obtrusive design is conveniently out of the way to maximize work surface areas. Hydra’s back box installs into a standard 2 x 4 stud wall. The television assembly locks into the back box, creating a beautifully sleek form. Seal Hydra to the surface of marble, tile, plaster, or stone. For an entirely flush solution, integrate Hydra with a tile scheme and grout to the edge of the glass face. You’ll never use a stand or wall-mount for a television again.





Waterproof Remote.
Designed to survive your lifestyle.

Most technology built for outdoor use appears bulky and heavy. Séura Storm is the first of it’s kind to offer a sleek, tapered profile at a mere 2.7” thin. This low-profile design adds style and elegance to your outdoor room. Be proud of its appearance as well as its performance.



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