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With the increased popularity of outdoor kitchens and living rooms, weather proof televisions are becoming a common staple in exterior areas. These displays allow you to relax on your patio and watch the game, news, or favorite show.  Since they're designed for exterior use you don't have to worry about it being destroyed by the elements.



Go All Out

It’s time. Time to turn your outdoor space into a truly extraordinary entertainment area that will delight and amaze family and friends. Séura Outdoor TVs combine incredibly elegant design with the most advanced technology to deliver the very best outdoor entertainment venue you can find. With Triple Lock Seal™ weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting, any climate, your new Séura outdoor TV will be an instant hit.  Outdoor fun for family and friends guaranteed.



Discover weatherproof TV elegance

Sleek and sexy, Séura outdoor televisions are in a league of their own. Séura brings elegance to robust, industrial outdoor technology. With seamless glass faces, discreetly beveled edges, subtle aluminum mitered frames, and tapered profiles, Séura Storm is another masterpiece from Séura designers. Boasting features that out perform other weatherproof solutions, Séura’s elegant design changes the game. Add style to any outdoor space while offering the best in performance with Séura Outdoor TVs. At Séura, elegance is never compromised.




Ideal for Shaded Applications

For shaded locations, Séura Storm Outdoor TV provides ideal 450-nit brightness with anti-glare glass to deliver an optimal entertainment experience even in bright ambient light. Storm is the perfect fit for covered patios and under awnings.


So hot, it’s cool

From Arizona’s summer desert heat, to Wisconsin’s blustery winters, Séura Outdoor TVs are designed to thrive outside year-round. Séura Storm can withstand the harshest weather conditions and temperatures from -24 F to 122 F. Séura’s unique thermal control system keeps components at optimal performance temperatures in extreme heat and bitter cold. Even if you aren’t outside watching television in the snow, rest easy knowing your television is safely waiting until the weather is perfect for you.




The thinnest in outdoor TVs

Most technology built for outdoor use appears bulky and heavy. Séura Storm is the first of it’s kind to offer a sleek, tapered profile at a mere 2.7” thin. This low-profile design adds style and elegance to your outdoor room. Be proud of its appearance as well as its performance.





Dust in the wind, not the TV

Séura’s Triple Lock Seal provides three barriers of protection against dust, moisture, ice, and insects that can wreak havoc on internal electronics. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that even if you aren’t watching it, your outdoor TV is protected 365 days a year.



Accessories for Storm make installation easy

Séura offers two types of weatherproof outdoor TV wall mounts and a protective TV cover. Both the full-motion articulating wall mount and the tilting wall mount offer robust structural integrity that support Séura outdoor TVs even in windy environments. The protective TV cover is easy to use with a single-point pull tightening system and durable flame-retardant material that keeps the TV clean and dust-free when not in use.



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