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Elektronik Decor


Elektronik Decor

Electric Privacy Glass

Privacy glass uses electricity to turn opaque glass transparent with the tap of a button.  It allows for privacy in areas where it was unobtainable in the past.  Additionally, this solution replaces other less effective solutions such as tinting and films.



With TruFIG there is no need to blemish walls and counters with contrasting face plates.  You can blend electrical outlets, data jacks, switches, keypads, iPad docks, and HVAC grilles into drywall, wood, or stone.

Below are two marble counters with an electrical outlet and two switches.  The photo on the left shows how the hardware blends into the design of the Stone using TruFIG.  The photo on the right shows how traditional solutions detract from the counter's appearance.


Mirror Televisions

Mirror televisions are a great replacement for a traditional TV.  When turned off they look like a regular mirror, but when turned on they provide full video and audio capabilities.  Mirror TVs are popular in bathrooms, formal gathering areas, and in home gyms.


Media Decor & Lifts

The use of display and projector lifts allows for the luxury of clean walls without sacrificing entertainment.  Lifts allow for televisions to be stored in the ceiling, inside of the wall, under the floor, beneath the bed, or in cabinetry.  Most projectors are stored or hidden in the ceiling or wall.  Media decor options allow displays to hide behind artwork. 


Invisible Speakers

With invisible speakers get the benefit of speakers without the look of them. The speakers are installed inside the ceiling or wall and then plastered over.  This solution is favored by individuals with wallpaper, or murals, and those who simply prefer not to view the hardware. 


Lutron Solutions

Lutron offers thousands of lighting and shading options adding decoration and ambiance to your home.  Additionally, you can control your lights, shades, and various scenes with a attractive keypads which replace banks of dimmers.


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Specialty Products

These products bridge the gap between technology and design, allowing you to add functionality without blemishing your vision. 

Specialty Products

These products bridge the gap between technology and design, allowing you to add functionality without blemishing your vision. 

Media Decor

Media Decor LLC, a leading manufacturer of elegant solutions to discreetly conceal flatscreen TVs, believes that the perfect place for fine art is in front of your television! As TV screens increase in size, the most popular location for placement tends to be a wall—but when the TV is turned off, it becomes a large, black glass object that’s difficult to hide.  MORE ABOUT MEDIA DECOR



TruFIG's revolutionary flush-mounting system seamlessly integrates disparate devices and technologies into the architecture, empowering architects and designers to create a harmonious family of nearly invisible design elements. TruFIG offers an uncompromising, and previously unattainable, level of aesthetic refinement.   MORE ABOUT TRUFIG


Sonance Speakers | Understated to Invisible

Sonance is the industry leader in high quality architectural speakers. Choose from speakers with micro flanges, speakers with no flanges or invisible speakers.   MORE ABOUT SONANCE


Artcoustic Speakers

Artcoustic makes multi-award winning, reference quality loudspeakers that look like art rather then speakers. Choose from hundreds of images or have your own custom images screened. The design possibilities are endless. View Artcoustics art portfolio and get inspired.


Mirror and Waterproof Televisions

SEURA is dedicated to bringing unparalleled elegance to your well-appointed environments. Their award-winning products represent the finest in functionality, style, and quality.  MORE ABOUT SEURA


TV Lifts and Motorization

Motorized lift and mechanisms all televisions and projectors to vanish from site when not in use.  Electronics can be stored under the bed, in the wall, above the ceiling, below the floor, behind artwork, and in cabinetry.