With IP Cameras and DVRs, you can easily keep an eye on your investment.  We offer a large range of cameras from standard options to high definition pan, tilt, zoom surveillance with night vision capability. In addition to recording the footage to a DVR, you have the option of securely viewing the footage live through a web browser or mobile device.

Surveillance systems can also be integrated with other systems such as SIP Phones, Digital Signage, and Smart Smoke/CO Detectors. If you choose, you can also have your video feed sent to your local police department in case of emergency, a popular feature with educational facilities. (Please note, this feature is application specific for Manhattan locations.)


Keyless Entry

Keyless entry solutions allow you to assign and monitor who accesses which door when.  For both interior and exterior solutions you can use this solution for entry to your business or reserve it for select locations such as conference rooms or back offices to secure sensitive information. With a keyless entry lock, you can add and remove users as needed as well as track the days and times they accessed a specific entrance.  This feature can also be used as a time clock.

Types of Keyless Entry

  • Pass Code
  • Card Reader
  • Biometric Reader

Access Control

Access control allow you to unlock and grant access to your business through a web browser or mobile device.  In addition to door locks, you can also control garage doors and elevators.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Make it easier for receptionist to grant access to clients in high end offices
  • Grant elevator access to clients and visitors
  • Remotely open garage door for deliveries
  • Remotely grant access to employees who forgot their key or ID card
  • Remotely grant access to authorities if security or fire alarm is activated

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