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Are You Ready For Summer?

Many Hamptons homes are vacation houses that sit idle during the winter months.  If these computerized systems are not actively being used, they are not receiving the continuous updates the way the system in your primary residence does. This is especially true for systems that have literally been powered down during the off season. 

As the warm weather approaches and clients arrive at their Hampton's home, they want to use their automation and entertainment systems. This is why we've created our summer opening package where we test your equipment, install system firmware updates, and provide you with a report about your system's health along with any suggested changes. By preparing the house prior to your arrival, you can enjoy your system without frustration.


Summer Opening Package Includes:

  • Multi-point inspection of all of your equipment
  • System firmware updates*
  • A report detailing equipment health
  • Technology assessment


Plan & Save

Our goal is to have all of our clients' homes ready and waiting for their arrival. However, to thoroughly inspect all of the technology in everybody's home does take time.  To avoid long waits, we begin this process in March. As an incentive, if you schedule your summer opening to take place prior to April 15th you will receive the reduced rate of $375 regardless of your systems size.


Please Note

The Summer Opening Package is designed to prepare your system for use and notify you about known issues found during the inspection.  We cannot predict nor guarantee how equipment functioning normally at the time of inspection may work in the future.



Home Technology Experts cannot control or interfere with the services coming into your home.  This means we do not provide internet, television, or phone services, they are provided by third parties such as Optimum. Since our equipment is reliant on these services to function properly, we do test them during the inspection and report our findings at the time.

 Please verify that your services are turned on prior to our inspection so we can properly test your equipment.  Unfortunately we cannot discount Summer Opening Packages where services were not operating at time of inspection.


Email our service manager, Terry Wahl, to schedule you opening today!